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Android is for non internet users??

Last month Android broke the news by announcing a massive 75% of world market share in Mobiles. This shows how the Google OS became a pretty big standard in the highly competitive...

Vacheron Constantin new iPad App Edition

Vacheron Constantin, the exceptional watch swiss brand is launching this month its new iPad App called "Vacheron Constantin iPad Edition". 2 years ago, Vacheron Constantin already participated into an iPad App experience thanks...

E-TIP winter gloves, pure high-tech.

The North Face, outdoor brand, relaunched its high-tech gloves this winter. The line is called the E-TIP and allows you to use any touch screen device thanks to a high-tech material. You...

1Password – Keep your secrets!

AgileBits is a Canadian based company founded by 2 people: Roustem Karimov and Dave Teare. They have a brilliant software called 1Password, compatible with Apple, Android or Windows. It allows us to save...

Did you say Tablet?

Tablet is a great fashionable word right now. According to Wikipedia, a Tablet is....

Who is buying Apple iPad and which one ?

The launch of Apple iPad is now everywhere. Europe was a final step. England, France, Switzerland, Germany.... all got the iPad tsunami. Check the stats!

Getting an iPad microwaved… madness!

Check here how a new 3G iPad can be microwaved... my god this hurts! You can even buy it on eBay.

1 million iPads sold in one month… Apple Tsunami.

Apple just released the information. After the introduction last friday of its 3G version, iPad gathered a total sales of 1 million units sold in less than one month.

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