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JM Weston 2015 Collection Particulière Saint-Honoré, Timeless elegance.

In 2013, for the opening of the J.M. Weston shop in Rue Saint-Honoré, Michel Perry decided to rethink the loafer 180 and the double sole derby, but also small and large leather goods in materials and tones of ocean blue and black, thus giving birth to the Saint-Honoré special collection. A daring combination that led the way to two-tone colour matches. To complete the palette, grey now in turn gives full expression to the J.M. Weston style. And it is simply amazing.

J.M. Weston store re-opening in Geneva. Absolute elegance

In September, J.M. Weston brought the french touch to Geneva in Switzerland by re-opening its emblematic store of 29, Rue de la Croix d'Or. And the result is as subtle as elegant....

Country Gents by J.M. Weston – the art of living

When Michel Perry, Artistic Director of J.M. Weston, creates a new collection, he will always find a way to surprise us. Like a painter or sculptor, he will model, sharpen, curve, concentrate,...

J.M. Weston goes Neo-Punk with Charlie Casely-Hayford

There are trendy brands and there are brands which create trends. J.M. Weston is definitely a Brand and a luxury house that sets trends in terms of masculine elegance. This year the...

J. M. Weston, the new Dandy has arrived

In terms of Masculine elegance, J. M. Weston is definitely a reference. You can ask any man around the world to quote 2 or 3 Shoes brand and you can be sure...

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