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Lady Gaga – Terry Richardson shooting

Supreme is creating an international buzz around their spring/summer photo shooting. In deed, they took the most sulfurous people on earth to work together: The photographer Terry Richardson and the artistl: Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga for Polaroid… incredible!

Lady Gaga is everywhere. The question is where is she not? Here is a video where Lady Gaga is presenting the new Polaroid products at Las Vegas CES.

Lady GaGa Alejandro : Full Version

Here the new Lady Gaga, Video clip for Alejandro. Full version. Check this out. The 21st century Isla Bonita?

MAC Lipstick Viva Glam with Lady Gaga

MAC launched in 1994 a program called VIVA GLAM. This program has the aim to support women, men and children living with AIDS. Each edition of this special MAC product has been successful over the years. The 2010 edition sees two new products limited editions.

Lady Gaga with 4 iPhones, easy.

A japanese girl, apparently doing this in her living room!

The video of the day : Telephone Gaga!

Here the Full video of Lady Gaga's Telephone video clip... cool.

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