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Louis Vuitton opens first Global Flagship store in Brazil

Louis Vuitton just opened the first Global Flagship store in Latin America. It is located at Iguatemi Mall in Sâo Paulo - Jardims area. Inspired by the architecture concept of the LV New...

“Customary Beauty” at mor.charpentier gallery – Paris

This month at mor.charpentier gallery there is a new exhibition called CUSTOMARY BEAUTY. Several artists are participating to it: Alexander Apóstol, Milena Bonilla, José Dávila, Laura Gannon, Terence Gower, Pablo León de la...

” The Fourth Cordillera” – Art exhibition

galerie mor . charpentier was founded by Alex Mor and Philippe Charpentier, and it opened its doors the 14th of October 2010. We could ask ourselves, why another Art gallery? Well, why not? But moreover, because the mor. charpentier gallery supports the contemporary Latin American Art.

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