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Punk will never die. It is just a matter of eternal re-start.

Many art and ideologist trends influenced the fashion scene for several years. Some of them have eternal come-backs, as if they were part of our social style foundation. And in 2013, Punk...

Monsieur Charli, elegance for men

In Fashion, there are big brands doing good or bad quality and there are small brands doing what they can. And there are promising brands that have the aim to propose a...

Jitrois: Artists, Lovers and Decadence.

Jitrois presents its new Fall-Winter 2012-2013 campaign called Artists, Lovers, Decadence. A beautiful and classy inspiration from the 20's intellectual bohemians. The campaign is shot by Rankin, who collaborates with the fashion house...

New 2012 luxury Spring bags – horrible!

Color is a big theme for luxury handbags since last fall. Color blocking went all over the place and some brands like Prada definitely became the ambassador for color blocking. Now that...

Jean-Claude Jitrois is back (bag)

There are names that we cannot forget. And among all the great fashion designers, definitely we will always remember Jean-Claude Jitrois as the master of Skin. This winter, the iconic Fashion house...

Hermes Birkin Bag revamped

f there is one mythical bag at Hermès, most of us would think about the Kelly bag. But, there is another one, chic, timeless trendy, for connoisseur. It is the Birkin Bag. And this bag has a story. Today, the Traditional Leather craftman house launches a new look for its Birkin bag. Definitely younger, active and modern. Will it be the next summer IT bag? Pretty sure it will be part of the list.

Converse goes for Luxury

Converse will launch 4 new models, 64 units only. It is useless to say that only a happy few will wear it!

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