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5 Irresistible​ Luxury Items You Can’t Live Without

How do you define luxury? Luxury is different things to different people. Luxury is the will to obtain something tangible valued at a high price. You may not necessarily need this particular...

Luxury Digital Strategy – 2 days workshop in Paris. Register now.

Luxury Education will organize in Paris next month a 2 days workshop about the following theme: Digital Strategies for luxury brands. This event will take place at the initiative of Luxor Management company. The interesting fact about this workshop is that will be leaded by Uche Okonkwo, digital luxury guru .

Collectorsquare.com, luxury vintage goes online.

We use to say that true luxury objects tend to gain value in time. A Rolex watch, one of the first Hermes Kelly bags, a Cartier Trinity ring will be representative of...

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