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Amy Winehouse – Lioness, Hidden treasures

In the music industry, you have artists that pass by, others make one big shot and are forever gone and others... become legends. This is the case of Amy Winehouse. After her...

Scarlett Johansson, the Voice.

At Luxury Activist, we discovered that Scarlett Johansson sings! And it is not bad at all. Who remembers the famous "Bonnie & Clyde" song by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot? It is based...

Is Elīna Garanča the new Callas?

For all Fans of Opera, only one name is flaming all hearts today: Elīna Garanča. Some people say she is the new Callas. Does it make sense? Actually it does.

Justin Bieber and one billion people in youtube.

Youtube just released the top 10 most viewed videos of all times and guess what? Justin Bieber has 3 videos in that ranking. Here are the 3 videos. Adding all three, we confirm that Justin Bieber got almost 1 Billion viewers, which is basically the entire world Internet population. Of course we believe it is always the same people watching it again and again, but, this is just crazy. With only one single video, he got the most viewed ever with almost half billion viewers.

Limewire finally squeezed…

It just came up on Twitter. Limewire, the world well known P2P website and software was closed down by law. I just opened mine and check what I got: LimeWire, one of...

Goldfrapp – New album Head First

Goldfrapp is finally back. After a quite longtime, they are back with a new brand album called Head First. It is the fifth album of the english group. Goldfrapp explains that this...

David Guetta Feat. Will i Am: I want to go Crazy

David Guetta new song "I want to go Crazy" with Black Eyed Peas Will i Am. Crazy! need to see.

Christina Aguilera new album BIONIC

Christina Aguilera is launching a new album, her 4th, in June called BI-ON-IC. Miss Aguilera says this album will be more futuristic, and the contrary of the previous one called Back to Basics... The first single is called Not Myself Tonight and it really gives the tone of the album.

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