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VistaJet Launches Wine Service for Passengers

  Private aviation company VistaJet is launching The VistaJet Wine Program, a service that is designed to enhance the wine drinking experience for passengers on its aircraft as well as at international destinations. The...

Reasons to change from Business Class to Private Jet Travel

If your bank balance allowed you to, would you even think twice about getting your own private jet? While flying on business and first class offers more comfort, private jets are the...

Private Jet – To Be Hired Or Owned?

Are you in search of courteous and comfy way to travel? A private jet is the best solution. Private jets are best option for private and comfy travelling. If I share my experience, recently I hired a private jet charter from London, and it convinced me to own one.

The past and future of in-flight entertainment

These days, in-flight entertainment is an essential aspect of a long haul flight for passengers, because it makes a long flight much more enjoyable. The first in-flight movie to be shown to passengers...

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