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Social Media in Switzerland, 2015 figures

Here are the updated figures for Social media in Switzerland. These figures correspond to end of August 2015. As we can see, Switzerland is a very connected country in which luxury brands but also media, electronics or retail food are all using social media to communicate with customers and fans.

Social media is no more Social. Just Media.

We say often that social media is an internet revolution. This is true but what we do not hear much is that the revolution lasts until "monetizing" becomes a need. So the...

Porn and Social Media, the hypocrisy of major social networks.

Since Facebook established a very strict policy against unpolitical correct content, especially related to nudity and pornography, it settled the tone for the major social networks. So our children are safe. How...

Facebook in Switzerland, the end?

Switzerland is the land of smartphones, so browsing the web and the social networks are things settled in the modern habits of people in Switzerland. We are right now in what we...

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