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Radisson Blu hotel, Contemporary Art of traveling…

Hosted in the hear of Zürich airport in Switzerland, the Radisson Blu hotel is one of these places where you forget where, when, what you are. Crossroad of many travelers, especially if...

Cour du Corbeau hotel, elegance is an Art.

2 weeks ago I was in Strasbourg and I discovered a beautiful hotel called Cour du Corbeau. It is a magnificent 4 stars hotel. It is one of the oldest hotels in...

Ferien Art in Saas Fee – Luxury Spa

In Switzerland I discovered a wonderful Spa in the heart of Swiss Alps. It is called Ferien Art and it is located in the city of Saas-Fees. Ferien Art is a 5 star Spa-Chalet.

China Luxury – the key figures by Luxury Activist

Hello, please find here below a video by Luxury Activist about the Cosmetic business in China. The figures are just amazing. Cheers, LA http://www.youtube.com/v/C95X4sJr06s?version=3&hl=fr_FR You can also check this video on youtube here.  

Four Seasons Tented Camp – Luxury Camping in Thailand

If you like to escape your city daily life but still keep a luxury lifestyle, here is something for you. If you do not know the Four Seasons Tented Camp, you know...

YSL Travel Adaptor… Last night a travel adaptor saved my life!

How can we survive today during traveling around the world without our electronic devices ? Our iPhones, laptops, gadgets and other Hairdryers can not survive without electricity.

Victorinox watch… from Pocket knives to a Travel watch!

Who does not know the famous Swiss Army Knife ? In order to unite heritage from the past and true innovation, Victorinox created a Travel watch, the ideal companion for short or/and long adventures around the world.

The top 5 Hotel swimming pools in the world.

The top 5 most luxury Hotel swimming pools in the world.

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