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Why Female Watches Are Never A Priority in Watchmaking?

The 2019 SIHH is over and while Swiss watchmaking is recovering little by little from hard years, let's highlight an interesting finding: Female watches are not always a priority in watchmaking. While...

Louis Moinet is officially the inventor of the Chronograph.

After the best part of six months of procedures and thorough investigations, Louis Moinet has become the official holder of the title of “First Chronograph”, awarded by the official Guinness World Records...

Luxury Watch Brands and Investing in Time

By looking at a gentleman’s watch, you can tell a lot about him before he opens his mouth. Not only are luxury watches expensive, they require care and attention throughout their years. There...

Manufacture Royale: A Ray of Light in Swiss Watchmaking.

Sometimes we feel that we have seen it all, especially in Watchmaking. Well you are wrong. In Switzerland you can discover true marvels, small treasures in the serious business of Watchmaking. When...

What should you expect from Baselworld 2016?

Every year Baselworld reveals itself as one of the biggest professional watch fairs in the world. By celebrating Swiss watch making, Baselworld is a place for important business and also where all the watchmaking planet meet. Here our review about what should we expect from this year's fair.

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