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When it comes to Japan’s capital city, you’ll find an exciting mix of innovation, technology, and tradition. While this melting pot of attributes is usually associated with the wide variety of attractions on offer, Tokyo also boasts a diverse collection of places to stay.

For most people who think about unique accommodation in Tokyo, their minds will be drawn to capsule hotels. These hotels, which feature rows of pods for people to reside in after a busy day of exploring the city, are certainly a culture shock for newcomers. Yet they’re only a drop in the creative ocean. 

To demonstrate this, here are five examples of quirky and cool hotels you can stay in during your trip to Tokyo. 

Henn na Hotel


What do you get when you combine a hotel with robots and dinosaurs? Answer: the Henn na Hotel! No list of quirky Tokyo hotels could start without highlighting this one, which sees guests receive assistance from robot dinosaurs. These dinosaurs greet you at the front desk and, despite the reputation they’ve developed from Hollywood films, provide Japan’s signature hospitality.

This also extends to, well, every area of the hotel. You won’t see any human staff members – you’re served entirely by robots. Each room also contains a robotic butler. 

Hotel Gracery Shinjuku


If you’re a fan of Godzilla, the popular Hotel Gracery Shinjuku is the choice for you. The 8th-floor patio has a display with a life-sized sculpture of the famous movie monster’s head, perfect for those seeking a memorable Instagram snap. 

Also, make sure to book the Godzilla room for the ultimate experience. This room has a huge Godzilla claw adorning the wall, and you even receive a Godzilla-themed goodie bag for surviving the night. 

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo


When you think about luxurious hotels that are inimitably cool, few can match the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. The contemporary and spacious rooms set the scene, with incredible views of central Tokyo on offer. The lavish shared spaces are perfect for unwinding, and several on-site restaurants serve delicious fine dining cuisine. 

The only issue with this hotel is the cost. Although if you want to experience the life of luxury for one day at least, quickloans are available to offset the sky-high price! 

Train Hostel HOKUTOSEI


On the opposite end of the price scale is this delightful little hostel. Dormitory-style accommodation isn’t for everyone, admittedly, but the style of the property is something that draws attention from all quarters. This is because Train Hostel HOKUTOSEI utilizes reused components from sleeper trains. So if you’ve ever fancied sleeping in a stationary train, this is an ideal option.

If you have never stayed in a hostel before, Hostel World has put together the top tips for staying in one for the first time.

Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho 


It’s easy to see the appeal of staying in a biscuit-themed hotel, which is what makes Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho a popular pick with travelers. This property takes inspiration from Lotte’s Koala March biscuits, with charming room decorations – including biscuit-shaped cushions – and unique breakfast offerings. 

Yet the hotel also avoids being overly kitsch. In fact, it features a stylish design that has universal appeal for those unsavory, non-biscuit lovers. 

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