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Air France presents its Premium Voyageur program: Comfort and Calm, at a price suited to your travels. It is a new cabin with limitated seats in which you can enjoy much more space and comfortable seats at a good rate, economic class like. Air France innovated, when introducing on its long-haul flights in autumn 2009, a new private cabin, located between the economy cabin and the business cabin, called Premium Voyageur. Here a video explaining the concept.

The more we see planes getting bigger and bigger, the smaller sometimes the seats are. The race to efficiency and optimizations becomes a performance key to many air flight companies. But in our case here, AirFrance thought about the people flying more and more with the need to find the perfect balance between comfort and good price.


We can see that many companies have limitations in terms of transport budgets and in deed might be because this budget just multiplied by 3 within the past 5 years. The internet era did not stopped people to travel. It is the opposite. People travel more because business became Global. So when you are traveling for your company, you are definitely sensitive to the way you do. You can check the company website for more information here:

So do not hesitate to try this amazing formula. 40% more space in the economy cabin, a private space located between economy and business cabins. Just enjoy.


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