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2 weeks ago I was in Strasbourg and I discovered a beautiful hotel called Cour du Corbeau. It is a magnificent 4 stars hotel. It is one of the oldest hotels in Europe, its first construction took place in 1538. The Cour du Corbeau, litterally Raven Court, is located in the historical heart of Strasbourg, just a few steps away from the big central Cathedral.
Cour Du Corbeau hotel

I was lucky to have some minutes with Ms Anne Gerber, the Hotel Director. She is a delightful person, very passionate and we feel that she enjoys to share her passion for this place. She explained to me the story of the Cour du Corbeau and the “spirit of the house”. She spend her time watching carefully for her guests comfort and well-being. She rhythms the place but always in a very discreet manner. The star is the guest.

The Cour du Corbeau was at the beginning already an hotel for travellers. During its history, several famous guests stayed at this amazing address:

cour du corbeau hotel

– 1570: the Duke of Deux-Ponts Jacques
– 1631: Duke Charles of Lorraine
– 1632: Swedish general Gustav Horn
– 1634: Chancellor Swedish Ochsentiern
– 1647: Marshal Turenne
– 1650: the Elector of Heidelberg
– 1657: Marshal Duke Antoine de Gramont
– 1664: the Duke of Chevreuse
– 1740: Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, incognito as the Count Dufou
– 1777: Austrian Emperor Joseph II, incognito as the Count of Falkenstein
– 1838: Alexandre Dumas

All these personalities were for sure touched by the special ambiance of this place. From the end of the 19th century, the hotel stopped working and did not welcome any more guests. Until 1982, the building was the headquarters and workshops of the Glass makers OTT Brothers. Then, for many years the building remained empty and it is only in 2007 that life was brought back to the Cour du Corbeau. Today, Strasbourg is a big european capital. The economic activities and tourism make it one of the most visited cities in France.

The first minutes at the Cour du Corbeau Hotel are striking. We discover a very elegant place where every single detail is made to give you a feeling of well-being and comfort. All the personnel is smiling and honestly welcoming you to this beautiful place.
Cour Du Corbeau hotel

According to Ms Gerber, the place is owned by 2 important families, one from Strasbourg and another one from Paris. They rebuild entirely the building in 2007-2009 and since then it became one of the it-places to go in Strasbourg. The architect is Benoit Peaucelle, parisian based, he likes the link between architecture and history. So he was the perfect person to make this incredible place reborn. The atmosphere is cosy, elegant and all elements were chosen with very good taste.
Cour Du Corbeau
Cour Du Corbeau hotel
Cour Du Corbeau hotel

The hotel is affiliated to M-Gallery, the top luxury branch of Accor Group (one of the leaders in the hotel business in France). They choose the best hotels with a luxury lifestyle spirit  and gather them in a portrait gallery. Kristin Scott thomas is by the way the amabassador for MGallery.

Cour du Corbeau Hotel successfully blended a contemporary vision of traveling with the respect of the historical background. So you can see beautiful contemporary furniture that highlights the curves and the shapes of a traditional Alsacian-Renaissance style. The interior court brings you directly to a 16th century paradise. You can find a perfect small cosy corner where you can read a book, taste a great glass of white wine or have a comfortable chat with a friend.
Cour Du Corbeau hotel

The clientele is international. I spoke with a brazilian couple staying in the hotel for a long weekend. They feel they were in a magical place, timeless. 57 rooms were decorated with attention and each one had its own personality. 6 different types of rooms exist.

cour du corbeau standard room
The 23m² classic rooms have a combination of elegant Louis XV furniture and sophisticated parquette made of massive oakwood. The Sealy beds from the “Palace” range and the flatscreen TV’s show the contemporary influences.

cour du corbeau superior room
28m² Superior rooms offer enough space to work or to relax your mind. Profit from room amenitieslike the 26 inches flatscreen TV with cable and satellite connection, wireless lan and the Sealy beds from the “Palace” range.
cour du corbeau deluxe room
Deluxe rooms have a combination of elegant Louis XV furniture and sophisticated parquett made of massive oakwood. The Sealy beds from the “Palace”” range and the 32 inches flatscreen TV’s with cable and satellite connection as well as the wireless lan access show the contemporary influences.

Junior Suite
cour du corbeau hotel junior suite room
The spacious Junior Suites, with their 36m², offer enough space for families and business travellers. These elegant Suites include room amenities like flatscreen TV’s with 32 inches, cable and satellite connection as well as the wireless lan access.

cour du corbeau suite room
Suites have two separated rooms for more intimity and comfort (40 sqm),flatscreen TV,cable and satellite connection and wireless lan access.

cour du corbeau authentic room
The authentic Suites are the ideal place to enjoy your stay in the alsatian capital. You will have the feeling to go back in the history meanwhile the furniture and luxury will remind you the recent times.


The breakfast is of very good quality and it highlights the cultural richness of the area. You can taste the delicious black cherries jam or the grape juice from local vineyards. The cappuccino? Amazing.
Cour Du Corbeau capuccino
Cour Du Corbeau fresh juices 

The hotel organize original activities that reflects the spirit of the place and the state of mind of the owners. That weekend I could participate to a Perfumery workshop in one of the Hotel cosy saloons. The workshop was given by Atelier Evanessence, a natural partnership for the hotel that reflects a high-end culture.

Check the hotel official website for more information and do not hesitate to go there if you are staying in Strasbourg. Your senses will be amazed.

All room images are courtesy of Cour du Corbeau. All rights reserved.