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With clear Adriatic sea, brilliant coastline, and beautiful beaches, Croatia attracts a growing number of yacht lovers each year. Many people indeed recognized that the best way to explore Croatia during summer months is to go on cruising adventure. With the help of a professional crew, you will get to see some of the most beautiful places and enjoy your carefree time with family, friends or loved ones. Here are the most beautiful treasures of Croatia. 

Croatian islands

For first-time travelers amazing choice would be visiting all the southern Dalmatian islands. Since distances between most Dalmatian islands are short, you will have plenty of time to stop by and have a swim or enjoy watersports in some private bays along the way. Some of the must-visit islands are; island Brač the third-largest island that holds one of the most beautiful beaches in Dalmatia by the named Zlatni Rat. Small towns such as Pučišća and Milna are known for its relaxing peaceful atmosphere, and if you are looking for privacy away from all the buzz of the cities, this is a great choice to anchor for a day. 


On the other hand, if you want to be in the center of all the hottest events, VIP parties, restaurants and clubs, you must visit island Hvar. Although the island is best known for its party scene, there are also many areas for enjoyment on pebbly coves, old vineyards, and historic heritage.

The farthest island from the coast is island Vis that has some of the most magical bays and beaches you can think of! The nature of this island was greatly preserved from tourists due to the military past over 30 years ago. Perhaps the most well known attraction of this island is the praised Blue Cave, where sunlight reflects through the cave and paints surroundings in a vivid blue light.

And last but not least is Korčula island with a long history that dates to times of famous explorer Marco Polo. Here you can find sandy bays, narrow historic streets in the old town, walk the ancient city walls and explore nearby vineyards and sleepy villages.

National parks


Besides so many islands worth visiting, nature lovers will love that there are numerous national and nature parks. First on that list is a serene island called Mljet also known as the greenest island of the Adriatic and known for its National Park. Another equally important and nothing else beautiful are national park Plitvice and national parks Krka.

These are great areas for hiking, relaxing in nature, swimming next to waterfalls and just finding inner peace aways from heavy crowds.

For more experienced hikers, there is national park Paklenica known for its dramatic canyons, rock configurations, and pine forests. But there are of course many others that might spark your interest.

Historic cities

There are numerous options on how exactly you can plan your itinerary, but one of the most popular routes is cruising from Split to Dubrovnik or vice versa. This allows you to see all of the most well-known islands and historical cities. Town Split is a great place to start your cruise since this city has the best connections to all the nearby islands that were previously mentioned. But this town has many more things to offer, which is why it falls under the category of the most visited towns in Croatia. It is home to fabulous Diocletian’s Palace UNESCO heritage site whose streets are still as vibrant and lively as in the past. 

You probably hear of Dubrovnik before, this town is also placed on UNESCOs list of world heritage sights. You will absolutely fall in love with this most attractive city in the world, known for its abundance of history. Besides visiting famous walls that surround the old city, you can take a cable car ride up to the mountain and have a picnic or simply enjoy the sunsets and most stunning views of town and coastline. 


Equally work of mentioning are town Zadar best known for its unique street installations called Greetings to the sun and Sea Organs. Greeting to the sun is the flood installation made out of solar panels that charge during the day and light up in multiple colors during the night which makes sunsets even more beautiful. Famous Sea Organs are another installation that produces relaxing sounds thanks to the combination of waves and pipes located under the sea.

It is truly a magnificent spectacle to witness!
And if you prefer to avoid the crowds but still want to experience the local atmosphere of historic towns, you must visit Šibenik. This city is not as crowded as Dubrovnik might be, but it still has a rich history, amazing restaurants, beautiful beaches and an easy-going atmosphere that can be felt in all Mediterranean towns and islands along the Croatian coastline.

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