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Experience the Monaco Grand Prix like never before this year. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the safest and secure front-row seat to this leading event onboard a luxury charter yacht.

It is safe to say that the Monaco Grand Prix is the most prestigious, thrilling and glamorous Formula 1 Grand Prix in the world. Taking place annually across four days through the winding streets of the stunning Monte Carlo, the Monaco Grand Prix is every renowned driver’s dream to participate in and win. With the 78th edition running from May 20 to May 23, attending the race makes for a truly unforgettable moment – one that must be anticipated and prepared for in advance. Why? As one of the slowest and most intense Formula 1 circuits across the globe, it attracts thousands of visitors each year who came to see the action in person. Following the event’s cancellation in 2020, the Monaco Grand Prix in 2021 is set to be even more exciting and awe-inspiring than ever before. And what better, safer and more luxurious place to watch this enthralling spectacle take place than from the deck of your own private charter yacht?


Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing on the deck of your own charter yacht. You can hear the cars zip past, the crowds cheer on and feel the sun on your face as you sip your favourite drink and watch the action unfold. There is no need to worry about crowds in the stands, nor busy terraces or missing out on the race because your view is blocked. The experience of attending and watching the race from a charter yacht remains unrivalled. As the track of the Monaco Grand Prix is located just a few metres away from the harbour of Monaco, you will feel like you are right in the centre of all the electrifying action when watching safely from the comforts of your own charter yacht.


The harbour of Monaco will be filled with the best luxury yachts in the world during the race, meaning you will also have a front-row seat to all the events and parties taking place during the four-day event. Opt for a static yacht charter during the Monaco Grand Prix and enjoy everything the race offers in an elegant, luxurious and safe environment. The highly skilled crew onboard will be on hand to cater to your every need and will ensure you and all your guests feel secure while watching the race or hosting a private event. Alternatively, incorporate a stop at Monaco during a longer luxury charter journey along the South of France. Dock in the harbour, Port Canto or the Old Port and enjoy the glitz and glamour of the race for a day or two. Afterwards, enjoy a leisure cruise under the sun along the coastline to the famous 

Saint Tropez, Antibes and Nice, and explore everything the French Riviera has to offer. Either way, a charter yacht to the Monaco Grand Prix is the most luxurious way to experience the racing event of the year. 

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