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A luxury vacation is something that you want to remember forever. No matter what type of vacation you’re about to embark on, you’ll never want to forget those boutique shopping trips, breathtaking views, and romantic moments. That’s why souvenirs and keepsakes are such bestsellers around the world. For those that don’t want their homes filled with the tat of the average tourist, there are some smarter ways to capture the memories of your favorite vacation. If you’re heading off on a luxury break and you know that you’re going to have the time of your life, here are some of the best ways that you can get yourself a keepsake to be proud of.

Tip 1: The Photograph

It might seem obvious, but there are some better things you can do with the pictures of your vacation than simply throwing them up on Facebook. Making sure that you’ve got a good quality camera is the first step. Use resources like Choosist to find the best camera for your skill level and budget, and learn a few basic photography tips. Once you’ve got your amazing pics taken, you can:

  • Load them into digital frames
  • Get traditional and print them up for an actual photo album
  • Use an online photo book service (Google Photos is very good) for an elegant keepsake
  • Turn your photos into postcards

Whether you go for a printed photo book or something more traditional, keep those keepsakes on the coffee table for friends and family to browse through.

Tip 2: The Travel Map

Maps always make good wall decorations, and what better way to remember all of your vacations than by marking where you’ve been? A travel pin map is a great way of cherishing the memories of your travels, as long as you remember to put a pin in your latest destination when you return home. You can even buy a ready-made version of these maps, but if you’re more hands-on then simply craft your own.

Tip 3: Postcards

The beauty of sending yourself postcards is that they work in two ways as a reminder of your vacation. Firstly, take your time buying the best postcards, then spend some time writing on them all of the best memories that the postcard reminds you of. Write on them about the amazing experiences and time you’re having. Send them to your home while you’re still away, and when you get home, you’ll have amazing reminders of those cherished memories.

Tip 4: Make a Video

While you’re going to want a more professional camera for your photos, you can get away with using your phone to make some videos of your vacation. Travel videos can be used in a variety of ways. If you’re handy with some editing software, then you could even make a compilation of your favorite vacation moments. Don’t get too swept up in the idea and try to video the entire vacation. Watching your vacation through your phone is not a good idea.

Having the right keepsake can keep your memories of your favorite vacation alive for longer. Make sure that you’re not stuck on your vacation browsing through the tourist trap stalls and stands of your destination. Avoid the clichés, and try something a little different to keep those cherished memories alive for the rest of your life.

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