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Luxury style

The world in general and South Korea specifically may have Gangnam Style, however that doesn’t mean that the world isn’t ready for a different type of style; a style more laid back and Mediterranean. Enter Israel luxury style!

Unless you are Jewish or an Arab most people have no idea about the real Israel and what goes in there on a day to day basis which is really a great pity for Israel has so much to offer in such a tiny package that it will make your head spin.

Everybody with the means likes to live a luxurious lifestyle and there are many in Israel with the wherewithal to acquire all that their heart desires. Consequently a market has developed to meet this need. Over the last few years luxury real estate in Israel has been on a tear as its economy seems to have avoided the worst of the Great Financial Crisis of 2007/2008.

Herbert Samuel luxury apartment in Israel
Herbert Samuel luxury apartment in Israel

Tel Aviv is the unofficial capital of Israel and holds the lure of the sea, therefor luxury apartments in Tel Aviv have done particularly well. Nestled on the Mediterranean Coast, Tel Aviv is blessed with beautiful beaches, first class restaurants serving every type of food you can imagine, classy coffee houses serving beverages and cakes that will leave you craving more, and a cosmopolitan mix of beautiful people from the four corners of the world.

For shoppers, there is no need to look past Kikar Hamedina which contains an array of designer shops offering the best the world has to offer in clothing, jewelry, and accessories. And not far away from Kikar Hamedina is the local Maserati and Ferrari dealer should you require something fast and stylish in which to sit in Israeli traffic.

Luxury is not restricted to Tel Aviv though. Just up the road in North Tel Aviv is Ramat Aviv a playground for the rich and famous with its Ramat Aviv Mall promising the best both Israel and the world has to offer.

Ritz Carlton luxury real estate in Israel
Ritz Carlton luxury real estate in Israel

Fifteen minutes north of Tel Aviv is Herzliya Pituach. Graced with magnificent beaches and the crème de la crème of Israeli society, Herzliya is where you can rub shoulders with ambassadors and some of Israel’s wealthiest individuals. These people could afford to live anywhere yet they know why they have selected Herzliya.

Israel may be small but it has pockets of very wealthy individuals. And surrounding all these areas are the luxuries to which these people have become accustomed. Come and it out for yourself.

Sharon B.R.

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