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Luxury cruise tourism attracts many luxury-lovers and perhaps Turkey isn’t the first country that would immediately cross your mind once you start thinking about luxury cruise destinations, but this country truly is a hidden gem that hides many exclusive places that you can’t afford to miss.

Turkey has an increasing number of visitors each year and to maximize your time, so you can explore the country more, cruising is your best choice. The perfect mix of brilliant weather, authenticity, endless hospitality, and astonishing food makes this region an excellent alternative for a luxury summer holiday. Once you get there you will soon witness how the culture of modern Turkey is incredibly diverse and her coastline is saturated with hills, cliffs, valleys, and pristine nature dotted with historic monuments ideal for exploration during your luxury cruise.  


This sort of luxury holiday in Turkey is unique because it provides you with the experience of a private cruise along magical Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Most tourists from all over the world choose this region for their cruise holidays because this area holds a typical lovely Mediterranean climate characterized by warm summers and mild winters. Due to that fact, you can be assured that the chances of having bad weather during your vacation are minimal to none.

Furthermore, each day, throughout your one week trip, you will be waking up in a different destination and you will be able to visit various hidden places, antique towns, piers, seashores, and tranquil bays. There are many opportunities for exciting things to do and everything can be planned out by your preferences and special requests for the ultimate luxury holiday.

Once you choose a route you love the most you may also choose to have an active, relaxing or balanced mix of active and relaxing summer holidays. Your days can be filled with extraordinary memories, fascinating regions, untouched nature, marvelous food and leisure in comfort and luxury of your spacious yacht.


Turkish cities and resort towns you stop by are also very important cultural centers that provide entertainment, excellent beaches, and gastronomy wonders. However, the thing that might amaze you the most is the turquoise sea and serene shores ideal for swimming or snorkeling after lunch on board. 

What makes these holidays extra appreciated among luxury lovers is the ability to enjoy privacy in bays where you will be surrounded by nothing else than sea, nature, and the sun, away from mass tourism. Besides picturesque secluded bays, you can also anchor in beautiful vibrant towns along the Turkish coast. There will be several opportunities to have fun on the sea and land as well, with high-end watersports, adventurous paragliding, hiking, etc. There is something for everyone, no matter if you are a watersports enthusiast or family with kids, this route is quite adaptable for almost all need and generations. 


Once you find an ideal luxury yacht for you and your group you will be paired by a professional crew who will cater to all of your needs. The crew on board will take charge of all your requirements from the second you step on the yacht. Experiences captain can advise you about the most exquisite locations and famous local and touristic activities. 

Furthermore, by booking a Turkish luxury yacht you are guaranteed with amazing high-quality standards no matter in all categories, food, crew, the boat itself, or overall service. Luxury gulets followed by a breathtaking itinerary truly offer an outstanding experience and service and you can easily have the most memorable holidays of your life. Everything is tailored according to your likings and designed in a way you have everything you need for a comfortable holiday during the whole extraordinary cruise adventure.

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