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Are you planning a dream trip to Hawaii this year? Luxury holidaymakers consistently have the best Maui vacation possible and come away with memories that last forever. If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii’s most popular island, follow these suggestions on how to almost guarantee the holiday of a lifetime.

Why You Should Visit Maui

Maui is among Hawaii’s most popular islands. Aside from the tropical paradise and laid-back atmosphere, you’ll find plenty of outdoor activities. If you’re planning a luxury retreat, you can find several high-end resorts and vacation rentals along the coast. Then you have the chance to take part in once-in-a-lifetime activities. The biggest highlight in Maui is seizing the opportunity to see the sunrise over Haleakala. The mountain soars over 10,000 feet and hosts a magical sunrise every morning. You need to book a tour, and it’s advisable to book several weeks in advance. Apart from nature, you could spend a week relaxing on Makena Beach. Maui is also known for whale watching at certain times of the year. The ocean conditions are also perfect for windsurfing.

Makena Beach

When to Visit Maui?

Peak season in Maui corresponds to the North American summer. The number of tourists slowly start to rise starting in late May until early September. If you visit, you can expect to share the relatively small island with thousands of other holidaymakers. Prices tend to double or triple during the busy season. However, because of Hawaii’s climate, you can visit and have a summer holiday at any time of the year. Regardless of which month you travel to Maui, you can guarantee weather that’s suitable for t-shirts. Avoid the tourists and visit in February or November. You’ll have a huge chance to take advantage of low season prices.

Best Things to Do in Maui

Maui mostly focuses around the beaches, resorts and water activities. Other holidaymakers get out into nature and embrace the green and biodiversity. Here are a few must-do experiences for every visitor to Maui.

Driving the road to Hana. The narrow 65-mile road ranks as one of the most beautiful drives on Earth. Winding up the mountain, you’ll pass verdant landscapes and turquoise waterfalls. As you drive further into the rainforest, you’ll feel like you’ve transported back to the age of the dinosaurs. Several shacks and family-run restaurants line the road selling local snacks and food. Either rent a car and drive or join a tour. It’s recommended to get your own car so that you have the flexibility to stop and take photographs whenever you want to. And you’ll probably be stopping pretty much every ten minutes to snap Instagram-worthy shots.

Maui’s seven sacred pool is a series of natural swimming pools made up from a cascading waterfall. Lush rainforest surrounds the water where both locals and holidaymakers come to relax. Arrive early before the temperature rises to dangerous levels in the afternoon. You can go and swim in the pools in the early morning before heading to the beach later in the day. Just be aware that the pools often close on short notice during poor weather conditions. Landslides and flooding can occur in heavy downpours. So it’s always a good idea to check weather conditions before planning your dream trip.

Maui, Hawaii Sacred Pools

How to Guarantee the Ultimate Luxurious Getaway

The most effective way to guarantee the holiday of a lifetime is to plan your trip. You don’t need to spend months planning and writing down every single detail. Instead, you can spend a few days doing your research before booking your trip. This includes having a rough idea of what you want to do in Maui. If you know what activities you want to try, it’s much easier to plan. Especially since most experiences have limited spaces which often sell out days if not weeks in advance.

Another way to increase the quality of your trip is to visit Maui outside of peak season. As mentioned above, if you come on holiday during the summer months in North America, you’ll be around thousands of other tourists. Instead, by planning your trip a few months in advance or later, you can take advantage of special promotions on accommodation. This means you can snap up your luxurious holiday at a discount price. Or you can increase the level of luxury on the same budget. The prices you see online aren’t always the final cost. You should call the property directly and enquire about getting the room or vacation rental for a lower price. This works well when only a few guests are using the property. And it never hurts to ask.

If you want a luxurious getaway, you need to splash out. Not everyone the chance to spend tens of thousands of dollars on their annual holiday. Most people need to save for at least a few months. And this is what you should do. But rather than passively saving, you should take a more proactive approach to raising the funds for your ultimate luxurious vacation. Start making small savings, and keep adding more to the fund. As the months pass by, this grows into a healthy amount to slash the total price of your trip.

Holiday of a Lifetime

If you want the best luxurious getaway imaginable, spend the time planning your trip. Try to avoid peak seasons during the summer months. And if you want to take your luxury to the next level, make sure you save up using smart strategies to cut the total cost. Follow these suggestions and you’re practically guaranteed the trip of a lifetime.

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