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Joshua Tree town is mostly popular as it bears the same name as Joshua Trees. Joshua Trees have a lifespan of over 150 years, especially in preserved areas like the National park. However, there’s more to this town than just Joshua Trees. Amongst these trees, you’ll be able to find lava-formed rocks staged above the ground. The unique rock formation is what mostly attracts the attention of climbers around the world. 

If you are planning a trip to Joshua Tree town to experience the desert wildlife, you should find this article very handy as it contains useful tips for your upcoming trip. 

  1. Entrance Fees

There are different options concerning buying your way into Joshua Tree town, and they are:

  • The weekly pass that goes for $30
  • The annual pass that goes for $55
  • Annual America The Beautiful National park pass that goes for $80

You are better off purchasing an annual America the Beautiful National Park pass, as it grant’s your entry to every National park, including National forests and historical sites. To keep things equal, you are only allowed to visit 2-3 national parks every year. 

  1. Book Camping Grounds and Hotels As Soon As Possible

Well-known camping grounds such as Jumbo Rocks will be all booked out from October to April, so be sure to make your reservations six months away. Also, ensure you book your hotel months in advance to get a great deal. You can check this link for some amazing options and also do extensive research to find hotels close to the park. Joshua tree town gets a lot of visitors all year round so you should always do your bookings ahead. 

  1. The Best Time for Your Trip to Joshua Tree Town

During the summer, Joshua Tree has fewer visitors due to the extreme heat of the season. In summer, the temperature usually rises above 100 degrees. Mostly, visitors prefer visiting the park from October to April when the temperature is cooler. 

If you decide to visit Joshua Tree Town during the winter, don’t forget to bring warm layers, as the temperature could be freezy from December to February. 

Things to Pack for Your Trip

Joshua Tree Town is a desert region, and desert camping needs more preparation than other landscape regions. Be all prepared for your trip to Joshua Tree Town with the below essentials. 

  • Enough Water

As you would be going into a desert region, you should double up the amount of water you normally carry about. Although some spots in the park have water stations, you should bring your gallons of water. As you hike in a hot and dry environment, your dehydration process speeds up, so you should be ready for anything. 

  • Sun Protection

Even during the winter season, the UV is still high, and the park has no shades. So to safeguard your skin and eyes, you would need a sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen. 

  • Hiking Equipment

Don’t get on the trails without proper hiking equipment! Despite Joshua Tree covering a short period of hiking, you should always be ready for anything. Also, get a first-aid kit and survival equipment. 

  • Lunch

Joshua Tree Park has no eatery option within its vicinity, so you should be prepared for a long day by packing your lunch and enough snacks. Just a tip, you should consider packing food that doesn’t require refrigeration. 

Make the Most Out of Your Trip

Photo by Brady Knoll from Pexels

Want to make the most of your trip? Here’s how to explore Joshua Tree National Park

  • Start From Cholla Cactus Garden

If you decide to do just one thing in Joshua Tree Park, this should certainly be it. Cholla Cactus Garden is known to be among the best sunrise spots in Joshua Tree Park. As the sun rises, the entire garden glows as it catches the morning sunlight. 

  • Explore And Climb The Arch Rock

Head back to Boulevard to explore and climb the Arch Rock. This rock is staged on top of boulders that were from pushed-up lava. Joshua Tree Park lets you climb the boulders. Go out there, explore, and take a photo of yourself on top of the famous Arch Rock! 

  • Take A Photo Of The Skull Rock

Continue your exploration to another rock known as the skull rock. Find a parking spot, then make your way to the rock. During the morning hours, the area should be less crowded.

Take a photo of the Skull Rock from the route off Boulevard. If you wish to explore more, make your way to Jumbo Rocks campground. 

Finally, if you would like to relax, then make your way to Palm Springs. Joshua Tree Park is close to big cities in the United States, which makes it an amazing destination for a road trip. With the tips listed in this article, you should by now have an idea of how you would want your Joshua Tree Park trip to be. 

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