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It’s easy to think of LGBTQ+ friendly destinations as places in which the people are very tolerant of LGBTQ+ lifestyles and identities, but in reality, what matters is how well LGBTQ+ travelers can feel safe and welcome. Pride celebrations are nice, but they don’t make a place LGBTQ+ friendly if it’s otherwise unsafe for queer people.

So what makes a good LGBTQ+ friendly destination? Read on to learn about the best destination to travel to if you are LGBTQ+

Most Famous LGBTQ+ Destinations Around the World

San Francisco, USA

San Francisco was already one of America’s most open and tolerant cities long before any official titles. Now, it’s home to one of America’s biggest pride celebrations. While San Francisco has often been known as a queer paradise, it still has some trouble spots. 

Pride weekend is a good time to visit but at other times of the year, be aware that while generally safe, even the Castro district can be dangerous at night.

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Toronto, Canada

While it’s not the most glamorous place in the world and can be a little dangerous at night, Toronto does have gay-friendly bars and clubs with dance floors full of people dancing to old-school tunes. Pride marches are held during the summer months.

Paris, France

The centre of France is known for its old-school, queer-friendly nightlife in Montmartre, but it also has a great Pride march every year. Pride Paris isn’t as big as other cities but is a short drive away and one of the most LGBTQ+-friendly cities in the world.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A huge city with vibrant nightlife and gay bars, Buenos Aires, is surprisingly not known as having an international gay scene (you can find more options in Rosario). Still, the city’s pride march has been growing in popularity and is one of the best places to see happy, expansive crowds.

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Brighton, UK

With one of the best Pride marches in the United Kingdom and plenty of gay clubs and a legendary alternative crowd, Brighton is also a great place to visit at other times of the year. If you love music festivals, you can also check out their world-famous Gay Pride festival in August. 

Packing for An LGBTQ+ Holiday

Depending on your travel needs, packing for an LGBTQ+ holiday isn’t much different from packing for any other holiday, but it might be a good idea to pack extra contraception if you’re going to be having sex with different people.

Of course, if you want to take your holiday to the next level, pack some queer-friendly sex toys from toy company, designed for lesbians by lesbians.

Why LGBTQ Travel is Worth Considering

For the same reason that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, everyone needs a break from their daily lives. For some, vacationing in an LGBTQ+-friendly destination is more of a necessity than a choice. For some people, being able to travel and explore openly as gay or lesbian makes all the difference in how they feel when they come back home. 

LGBTQ+ vacations allow travelers to create new experiences and relieve themselves of the stress caused by living in an increasingly hostile world.

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