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Whether you’re 20, 30, 50, or even 80, bucket lists are a popular way to highlight what you want to experience and do in life, helping you tick them off one by one. One widespread trend on bucket lists is certainly to travel the globe. Often, people wish they traveled more, but with a vast world to explore, how do you decide on the best destinations to visit? The following five destinations feature highly on the ultimate bucket list, and for very good reasons.

Great Wall of China, China


A highly prevalent ‘fact’ about the Great Wall of China is that you can see it from space. This, unfortunately, is a myth, but that doesn’t detract from quite how incredible this humanmade structure is. It was built over 500 years ago as a series of fortifications and is estimated to span nearly 13,000 miles, by China’s State Administration of Cultural Heritage in 2012. A lesser-known fact about this ultimate destination is that it’s not one singular wall; it is a series of sections of a wall. If you wish to walk the entire length of the Great Wall, it is believed to take up to 18 months!

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


This incredible statue is one of the seven new wonders of the world, and while it doesn’t have an extensive history (built and finished in 1931), that doesn’t take away the majesty of Christ the Redeemer. Also known as Cristo Redentor in Portuguese, it stands 98 feet tall, with the outstretched arms spanning 92 feet. It’s situated atop the Mount Corcovado, southeastern Brazil, and travelers can view the statue by embarking on a 20-minute train ride up the mountain. 

Serengeti, Tanzania


The Serengeti is often featured on lists of ultimate destinations to visit due to the variety of exotic, diverse, and outstanding wildlife which resides here. Located in Tanzania, the best way to experience the Serengeti is via a safari and staying in a luxury lodge afterward. If you need help planning the perfect Tanzania holiday, it’s wise to turn to the experts, such as Tanzania Odyssey.

Colosseum, Rome, Italy


The Ancient Romans remain to this day as a fascinating subject to discuss and research. For history-buffs, in particular, Rome should be on the list of ultimate destinations due to the incredible structures and ruins which are still standing after thousands of years. The Colosseum is one such ruin which needs to be seen to be believed. It was commissioned in 72AD and has withstood natural disasters, including earthquakes and fires, making it now one of the best-preserved structures from that time period. It was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980 and voted one of the seven new wonders of the world in 2001. 

Parthenon, Athens, Greece


Much like Ancient Rome, the Ancient Greeks are also one of the many time periods which remain extremely popular. Greek myths, in particular, are incredibly fascinating tales, and they still feature in modern life today, with countless movies being dedicated to heroes such as Hercules and the Trojan War. That’s why Parthenon should be on the ultimate bucket list of destinations. It’s a former temple, dedicated to the goddess Athena, and construction began in 447. It dominates the skyline around Athens, created using white marble.

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