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In the winter, the city of Boston really comes into its own. With icicles dripping off the city’s distinctive buildings, and snowdrifts piling up on the side of the road, it’s a truly atmospheric, mesmeric place to spend your Christmas. And whether you’re a festive family or you just like to dip into Christmas festivities a little with your family, it’s a city that offers a great number of Christmas and winter-themed events that you’re sure to love. Here are three of the most exciting, luxury options for you and your family this Yuletide.

Christmas Markets


Across the city, many of the local shopkeepers, retailers, and market stall owners convert their offerings into little Christmas stallsfor the duration of December and into the New Year. These little stalls can be full of some of the most delicious Christmas food in the city, as well as some of the most exciting handicrafts, artworks and Christmas-themed gifts to share with your entire family. 

Head to one of the Christmas Markets (accessible online, if you search for their presence across the city) at night in order to enjoy the twinkling of lights, the foggy breath, and the heat of a hot chocolate in your mittened hands as you explore a kind of Winter Wonderland of shopping with your family. 

Stage Shows

There’s also Christmas excitement to be enjoyed on the stage, and Boston is no stranger to the excitement and thrill of acting, singing and performing in front of a generous audience that loves the exuberance of traveling performances. Here, you’ll have a number of exciting options to choose from – all of which are designed to make you reflect heartily on another Christmas with your friends, family, or partner. 

Look for the most luxury events by searching for White Christmas tickets online, where you’ll find tickets to the best shows in town – those that’ll leave you with a smile on your face and a lasting impression of just how wonderful the festive period can be. It doesn’t matter if you see the show after Christmas or, indeed, at the start of 2020; they’re still well worth experiencing, and you’ll be able to drag out the feel-good Christmas cheer for a few more days as a result.

Shopping Malls

As you’ll know, shopping becomes something of a religion over the Christmas period. Before the special day, you’ll have thousands of families traipsing around Boston’s many shops and malls looking for those last-minute presents to buy and wrap up for their family, and after Christmas, you have the sales and the rush to find discounted goods across the city. 

So, there’s another luxury experience to be enjoyed after Christmas in Boston this year: finding yourself a luxury mall to head to in order to enjoy all the magical and mysterious offers, deals, and discounts that’ll have you making the most of this exciting period for shopping. Go with friends in order to enjoy this festive moment with loved ones.

These three options are wonderful ways to enjoy Christmas in the wintry city of Boston – even after the special day itself. 

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