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Many of us dream of that Mediterranean cruise, but somehow never seem to have enough to actually book the trip. You have finally saved enough money for that summertime cruise you’ve always dreamed of and now that the time is near, you don’t know what to pack! After all, you’ve never been on a cruise before and this one is going to be for 14 days and nights, visiting some of the most exotic ports you can imagine.
So, what do you pack and perhaps even more importantly, how do you pack? There is only so much room for what you can bring aboard with you and traveling to and from your port of departure/arrival will almost always be by air. With luggage restrictions on most airlines, it can be difficult choosing what to bring and what to leave behind. Here are a few tips on packing for that cruise you’ve been dreaming of for so very long.

Tips for Traveling Light

One of the things which many first-time passengers aren’t aware of is that there are amenities onboard most luxury cruise ships that can help them bring less on the trip. For example, there are laundry facilities onboard cruise ships so you might want to bring fewer articles of clothing. Since you can do your laundry on the ship, you only need a few different outfits, some for beachwear, some for semi-formal dining (you’ll never know when you just might get invited to dine with the captain at his table!) and then some comfort wear for those times you’ll be in port wandering about gathering souvenirs to bring back home to your envious friends and family members.



You Probably Can’t Smoke on Deck So Leave the Cigarettes at Home

While there may be some cruise lines that still have smoking areas aboard ship, others may prohibit it altogether. With an ever increasing amount of information on just how dangerous smoking and second hand smoke is for those around them, smokers are unable to find anywhere to light up. You might want to consider investing in a vaping device such as an Evod starter kit because vaping is still much more acceptable than smoking. As word gets out and more people are well informed, it may even one day be legal in more public places. Until then, you can probably safely pack your ecig or vaping device to puff on at designated areas on the ship and on shore.

Sunscreen and Shades

Don’t let that cool ocean breeze fool you onboard a ship! The sun will still reflect off the water and many first-timers get badly burned by those dangerous rays from the sun. Bring with you the highest number sunscreen you can find and perhaps a wide-brimmed Panama hat and a pair of high quality shades to protect your delicate eyes. It’s tempting to stare out over the ocean, but those damaging rays can do a number on your eyes when reflected off the water.


GPS Enabled Mobile Phone

Okay, so you’re going to be aboard a ship so why would you ever need a GPS enabled cell phone? Actually, most cruises stop at several ports for passengers to get in a bit of shopping but they are very strict about leaving on time. You don’t want to spend your budget meeting up with the ship at the next port, do you? Always have a mobile phone with you when leaving the ship. Yes, airtime may be costly, making that call through rival towers, but at least you’ll be able to safely navigate your way back to the port.

Anti-Nausea Medication

Until you’ve gotten your sea legs under you, be prepared for bouts of seasickness. It happens to the best of us and you don’t want to ruin a good portion of your cruise in the head. Dramamine is one well-known brand that isn’t all that expensive and there are other off-label generics formulated with the same medication that come even cheaper.

So here you have a list of what to bring and a few tips on how to pack so that you can start organizing now. By the time you are ready to set sail, you’ll have everything you need to make this one of the most enjoyable times in your life. Just be prepared to spend some time getting those sea legs under you and you’ll do just fine. It’s the trip of a lifetime so if you leave prepared, you’ll have everything you need to make it as enjoyable as you’d always dreamed it would be. And by the way, that mobile phone we mentioned? Make sure it has a great camera as well. You’ll want to bring home memories won’t you? That’s all you’ll need!


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