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A bad hotel or resort can completely ruin a vacation in short order. Unfortunately, many economy packages are cheaper for a reason. Balancing cheap air fare with an expensive hotel or resort can make a world of difference on a vacation. Here’s an overview of what you can expect when your upgrade your hotel:

The Benefits of an Upgrade

The whole point of going on a vacation to a foreign destination, such as South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Russia or anywhere else that isn’t home is to relax and try new things. At the end of a long day of relaxation, touring or generally enjoying the new atmosphere, it is essential to have somewhere nice to rest. Even on vacation, when a person doesn’t get enough quality food and rest, things deteriorate quickly.

All-inclusive resorts, for instance, sound like a fantastic idea. Pick out a cheap flight, and find a bargain resort to enjoy a new region without breaking the bank. Along with the money savings, a person will have to deal with sub-par service, food and beds. None of that is relaxing at all, and it is often compounded by shoddy cleaning. Luxury hotels and resorts, however, tend to let a person enjoy a vacation to the fullest.

With extreme attention to detail with food prep, cleaning, beds and overall look and feel, luxurious accommodations are a nice place to put up sore feet at the end of the day. In addition to the details, the quality of service is excellent. They are definitely worth the upgrade, but the cost may seem prohibitive. However, there are ways to lover them.

Offsetting the Cost

The best way to afford luxury is to minimize excess spending. For example, a trip to a casino city can easily be done in style without spending an arm and a leg by simply not giving in to the number one temptation there: gambling. The hundreds you save by not hitting the slots can be parlayed into a wonderful stay at a top notch hotel like the Tropicana Las Vegas for instance, where you’ll be treated like the king and queen.


Consider visiting in the off-season as well. Hotels and resorts, even the luxury ones, like to have guests at all times. In regions where there is a distinct “tourist” season, many locations either close up in the off-season or offer spectacular deals with the hope of filling up. For many, the local slowness of the off-season provides even more relaxation in addition to the luxury accommodations. The upgrade is definitely worth it.

By Liz Becker


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