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Planning a luxury wedding not only generates huge levels of stress between you and your partner, but it can also be seriously damaging to your bank balance. Therefore, couples are increasingly looking to alternate options to celebrate their special day. According to recent statistics, one in five UK couples are now choosing to tie the knot overseas, lured by the prospect of warmer weather and an idyllic backdrop against which they can exchange their vows. Overseas nuptials can offer a new level of luxury to your big day. Not only do most venues offer outstanding levels of service and attention to detail, but you will also come home with a tan.

Organizing a wedding abroad is less stressful than you might think. Bespoke service, attention to detail, and even having your own team of wedding specialists such as those at Creative Destination Events on hand, are only some of the positives of employing local wedding planners. Professional service and taking time to get to know you and your bride or groom will also be included in the package, ensuring that you have a truly magical wedding – an incomparable level of luxury to what you would experience at home.

Wedding Jitters

One of the biggest issues most couples face is breaking the news to their family and friends that they are choosing to host their nuptials overseas. However, choosing to tie the knot abroad means that your guests will experience the same level of luxury as the wedding party! On site facilities such as spas and swimming pools, gourmet restaurants and stunning natural beauty are just some of the positives from choosing to get married overseas. All your wedding party needs to worry about is packing the right attire for your event. Even if your parents are not on side and would prefer that you tie the knot closer to home, explain your reasons for your destination. Remind them that they were young once and be sure to highlight factors such as cost and overall experience as your influencers.

Honeymoon Benefits

Once the ceremony is over, the honeymoon begins! Choosing a luxury setting overseas means that your honeymoon can begin as soon as your nuptials end, meaning that you will spend less time traveling or waiting in airport lounges. Long haul flights and delays can be an instant downer when couples head off on their honeymoon. What if you could make your experience truly unique and stress free? Now that you are already abroad, it’s the perfect excuse to sit back and unwind, all while enjoying the beauty of your surroundings.

Even if your partner is convinced that they would like a wedding closer to home, there’s no reason to discount getting married overseas. Explain to them that the level of service will add a level of opulence to your day. You will also want to highlight that your guests will be cared for too, meaning that you can enjoy your time together as a couple. With wedding costs spiraling into the thousands, don’t dismiss an overseas wedding from your list – you may find that luxury is within your reach after all.


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