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The Soft drinks market is an amazing worldwide business. It is very segmented and sometimes we have the feeling there is no more room for any new product. Unless a great new product arrives. This is the case of Sol Maté. Made of organic natural Maté, one of the most popular beverages in the entire South America, Sol Maté joins the coolness of a modern soft sparkling drink and a secular usage of theMaté plant.


Maté is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink, particularly in Argentina (where it is defined by law as the “national infusion”), Uruguay, Paraguay, the Bolivian Chaco and Southern Brazil, and to a lesser degree in southern Chile. It is also consumed in Syria, who are the largest importers in the world, and Lebanon. In South America, Maté is a traditional popular beverage that would give strength and vitality to the workers. Over the years, maté kept present in several countries as a popular beverage that you can drink hot or cold. Mate was first consumed by the indigenous Guaraní and also spread by the Tupí people who lived in that part of southern Brazil which was Paraguayan territory before the Paraguayan War. Therefore, the scientific name of the yerba mate is Ilex paraguariensis. The consumption of yerba mate became widespread with the European colonization in the Spanish colony of Paraguay in the late 16th century, both among Spanish settlers and indigenous Guaraní, who consumed it before the Spanish arrival.




Sol Maté, bringing the best of Maté to an urban and cosmopolitan universe

Sol Maté brings the best of Maté infusion into a modern word. Being a natural source of Caffeine, Sol Maté proposes a new way to drink Maté, as a natural energy drink format style. This will replace Maté into a more young, dynamic and urban clientele.


Sol Maté has a simple yet very qualitative process of production. The formula? Water, Cane Sugar, Maté extract, Caramel color, Carbonation. Most of the ingredients come from organic plantations. You can visit the company website to learn more in how to purchase Sol Maté and also to get some ideas in how to drink it.

Being Brazilian, I know perfectly well what is the taste of Mate, I even have a Maté traditional pot called Chimarrâo at home. When I tried the beverage, I immediately recognized the green, slightly bitter taste of Maté. I was completely taken by a positive surprise. It is fresh, sparkling, revigorating and perfectly done. We can taste a beautiful quality of Maté made from the best leaves.

You will be able to find Sol Maté in popular pubs, restaurants and beach bars, as well as in distinguished beverage retailers. Naturally you can also buy it from Internet. You can purchase it directly from the official website.  No excuses: refresh yourself with a dazzling natural feeling of what nature has to offer at its best in an original soft drink.



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