Celsius X VII II – a cell phone or a watch?

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Le Dix, is a cell phone based in a mechanical tourbillon mouvement. Celsius X-VI-II is a french company based in Paris, founded by 3 young and brilliant people.

> Thomas Pruvot, a mechanical engineer specialised in industrial design,
> Romaric André, graduated from business school, ideal partner thanks to his entrepreneurial mindset and a capacity to take the inherent risks
> Alejandro Ricart, a friend Romaric, contributing the professional skills acquired in a Barcelona consulting company, as well as the fruit of an aristocratic family background.

The first creation, a cellphone merged with a tourbillon watch and an exclusive Remontage Papillon (butterfly winding mechanism), heralds a new generation of objects with high emotional value.

Here is the promotional movie that I like very much. An ambiance like Sin City with a elegant nostalgia hint.

Here are some pictures of this incredible creation.

For more details, please check the brand website : www.celsius-x-vi-ii.com

Sebastien Eich

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