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The great thing about collaborations is that 1+1= 3. This means that when the partnership is good, the end result is more than simply an addition of efforts. This is the case with the amazing partnership between Hautlence and Colette. In one side we have a beautiful watch-making statement. In the other hand, Colette is the temple of trends and naturally all it-products are there. So the combination between these two brands bring something even more outstanding. It is not only about the product, it is a state of mind, a manifesto against the down-sides of modern society. Please welcome the new Hautlence Playground Labyrinth Limited Edition by Colette. Now it is definitely the time to disconnect.


The Playground Labyrinth, daring is the only way

Sometimes we feel that everything was already invented. All watch complications were created and basically the game is done. Until you realize that there is always room for improvement and for outstanding projects. This is the case with Hautlence and its already iconic Playground Labyrinth. Hautlence is stopping the insane march of the seconds, and encouraging you to “disconnect”. Taking time to play the Labyrinth — a collection which celebrates a return to innocence — provides the simple and immediate pleasure of letting go. Hautlence lets the wearer hark back to a less regimented time in which life can be lived and enjoyed. Much more than an object, the Labyrinth is a new way of envisaging time: it allows time to be halted, providing an escape from its unstoppable march through the joy of play, a simple pleasure with highly symbolic significance.


The interest of this concept is on the way it is done. In order to achieve a watch that is not a watch, you need to be one of the best watchmakers. Despite the fact that this watch does not give time, the mechanism is quite sophisticated as from the winding crown you can control the ball release. All different elements that builds a perfect timepiece were put together so the Playground Labyrinth is a high-standard creation.

Playground Labyrinth Limited Edition by Colette

From 7th September, the Playground Labyrinth Limited Edition by colette will be available from the concept store. For some buyers, this will provide an opportunity to purchase their dream piece: fun, pointless, yet completely indispensable! For others, the chance to discover this exceptionally beautiful creation, equipped with a mechanical lift used to return the ball to the plate using a system of cams, visible through the transparent case back. And everyone will get the opportunity to attempt to rise to the challenge and beat the current holder of the record time taken to move the ball into the right hole, in both directions: Mrs Rêve Dagher (16.32 seconds/12 seconds).




After the success of the Playground collection and the line’s first model, the Labyrinth, here’s a very limited edition: only 5 copies in the world.


  • Case middle: black-finished grade 5 titanium
  • Horns, bezel, crown and screws: black-finished and polished grade 5 titanium
  • Glass: extra-hard bevelled sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment
  • Back: grade 5 titanium. 6 screws, engraved with “HAUTLENCE”, “Horlogerie Suisse”, numbering
  • Visible movement
  • Dimensions: 37 x 43.5 x 13 mm.


  • Movement description: Mechanical lift including bevel gears
  • Number of jewels: 9


  • Labyrinth in black titanium, diamond-lapped angles and 18-carat blue ball.
  • Back finishing: Côtes de Genève motif.


  • Black, satin-finished Louisiana alligator leather, large square scales, hand-sewn rolled-edge
  • Folding clasp: titanium with satin-finished steel plate.


  • 3 ATM

Colette is the Parisian temple for trends. The Parisian store can create trends and iconize products. With this new partnership, the Swiss watch-maker Hautlence has a lot to offer.

213, Rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris


Arsène Wargas

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