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No one knows what the future might hold. But, one thing is for certain. Planning for it now will make things a whole lot more enjoyable later on. One of the ways people plan for the future is by finding good investment items. 

While having a bank load of cash is great, if ever the financial market did collapse, you could see yourself struggling. To avoid this happening, it’s worth spending a little time and money now investing in some worthwhile items and securing that future of yours. One such way that more people are beginning to invest their money is in luxury watches. And for that, Patek Phillipe has a perfect collection.

If you’re aware of Patek Phillipe, then you may well be aware of the famous campaigns that emerged from the brand – “you don’t own a Patek Phillipe, you just look after it for future generations”. Since 1996, the company has been using that exact slogan as a way of marketing their brand, and it’s worked out extremely well all around. 

While Patek Phillipe gained a whole tribe of new customers, the public gained a brand they could rely upon to supply high-quality timepieces in which to secure theirs and their loved ones’ futures. This particular marketing campaigns is very family-focused, always featuring timeless pictures of father and son(s) or mother and daughter(s) spending time with one another, creating those unbeatable memories. 


These ads were all about stirring emotions. In fact, those made at the very start of the campaign, didn’t even feature watches. It was all about planting that seed to start your own traditions by giving your children something to treasure and pass on to theirs.            

Any of the timepieces from the Patek Phillipe range are a sound investment as all are made from high-quality components that if looked after, will only increase in value. The following are a couple of the brand’s finest watches:

Patek Phillipe Nautilus – A Watch for Generations – The Patek Nautilus collection is a one which hosts some of the most luxurious timepieces this world has to offer. For those looking for something a little more technical than the traditional models, the fantastic Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph is a good choice. 

This watch features a time travel function that cleverly indicates two different time zones at once. The Nautilus 5712/A Moon Phase is another timeless masterpiece that’s worth investing in. This watch is unique from the others in that it features a moon phase indicator as part of its face.  

– Patek Phillipe Aquanaut – Never Age With Time –  While we as humans are always ageing, classic timepieces like the Patek Phillipe Aquanaut never really get old, they simply get more distinguished. 

This collection is filled with numerous luxurious timepieces designed with the more sportier clientele in mind. The Aquanaut first launched in 1997 and was the first of the brand’s watches to feature a rubber strap. And being an “aqua” watch, all models are quite capable of getting a little wet and wild. The Aquanaut 5167, for example, can deliver water resistance up to 120m/400ft when needed.   

The above are just two examples of the amazing and extensive Patek Phillipe watch collection. There are many others. All of which have their own story to tell, and all of which are well worth investing in. 

So, if you are looking to purchase a quality timepiece to enjoy and pass on to your loved ones for generations to come, then a Patel Phillipe watch is the ultimate investment piece. Now, it’s simply a case of deciding which model to get.  

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