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In the realm of horology, the Swiss imprint signifies an unwavering commitment to precision, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. MONTRESA, a Swiss watch brand, epitomizes this ethos through their innovative range of hybrid watches. Striking a harmonious balance between digital intelligence and analogue sophistication, MONTRESA watches are fresh air in a segment predominantly cluttered with conventional smartwatches. Crafted meticulously in Switzerland, these watches redefine conventional watch standards by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with classic design elements.

MONTRESA stands distinctively as a beacon of innovation in a market often plagued by ubiquitous smart devices, offering clever functionalities without compromising aesthetic integrity. With their seamless blend of analogue design and intelligent electronics, MONTRESA transcends the typical image of smartwatches as mere step counters and heart rate monitors that require frequent charging, offering instead a watch that serves as a discreet, stylish, and functional companion.

Notably, the brand’s commitment to Swiss-made excellence is rare in the hybrid watch segment, embodying a legacy of unparalleled quality and innovation. The watches, developed in collaboration with revered entities such as Xantia, Cloud Codes, and David Gagnebin, feature meticulously brushed 316L steel cases with sapphire glass, ensuring longevity and enduring elegance.


MONTRESA’s collection is not just about aesthetic allure and intelligent functionalities; it is a testament to the transformative power of technology when amalgamated with traditional watchmaking principles. The brand’s dedication to creating Swiss-made watches that are not only technologically advanced but also elegantly designed is setting new standards in the hybrid watch sector, marking MONTRESA as a true connoisseur of innovative elegance in the world of horology.


MONTRESA, a visionary Swiss watch brand, roots its identity in synthesising traditional Swiss watchmaking precision and avant-garde digital innovation. For nearly two decades, MONTRESA has been at the forefront of conceptualizing and manifesting ideas that streamline life through the innovative application of tried-and-true technologies. The brand’s name itself, amalgamating “montre,” the French term for “watch,” and “SA,” denoting a public limited company, embodies its foundational ethos—crafting extraordinary watches that harmoniously marry Swiss meticulousness with the limitless possibilities of the digital realm.

Founded by Beat Brändle, a seasoned telecommunications engineer holding a degree in telecommunications engineering and computer science, MONTRESA emerged from a passion for creating and marketing “Made in Switzerland” telecommunications technology to international corporations across the globe. Beat’s inventive journey includes pioneering creations like the first Swiss pocket knife embedded with USB memory and a revolutionary multiple sockets operable via SMS, establishing him as a connoisseur of technological ingenuity.


MONTRESA’s inception was influenced by Beat’s inherent affinity for watches and his vision to intertwine Swiss watchmaking finesse with digital evolution. His ambition led to the birth of the brand’s first-gen Hybrid Watch—the Secure, a classical embodiment of horological craftsmanship integrated with functionalities such as a senior emergency call trigger.

The evolution of MONTRESA’s hybrid watches is steeped in a dedication to simplifying life through innovation. Utilizing his experience with Creon—the first senior emergency call mobile phone—Beat sought to transcend traditional boundaries, leveraging his extensive knowledge to integrate long-established habits with the contemporary universe of smartphones and apps. This blend of past insights and modern technology created the Trend—a ubiquitous remote control imbued with the essence of modernity, marking a significant stride in MONTRESA’s journey.

To realize his vision for MONTRESA, Beat orchestrated a symphony of specialists, each contributing their unique expertise to craft a product par excellence. The consortium included private label watch manufacturers, designers specializing in watch aesthetics, experts in short-distance radio transmission from the Biel region, and many contract manufacturers scattered across Switzerland. Supplementing this technical prowess were marketing and social media maestros, ensuring the brand’s resonance in the digital age.


MONTRESA’s journey is a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. From the conception of groundbreaking telecommunications technology to the evolution of hybrid watches, the brand has remained unwavering in its commitment to uniting Swiss craftsmanship with digital sophistication. The fusion of these domains has allowed MONTRESA to offer a diverse product range, including watches with features like location and emergency call functions, configurable remotely via dedicated online portals.

Beat has been manipulating his home’s electrical appliances—lights, music, doors, and roller shutters—remotely with his mobile phone via SMS for years. This penchant for remote control, combined with the knowledge accrued from developing the Secure, empowered MONTRESA to expand these habits into the world of smartphones with apps. MONTRESA’s journey, underlined by a commitment to blending traditional watchmaking with innovative functionalities, symbolizes the continuous evolution of Swiss watchmaking in the digital era, cementing its status as a trailblazer in hybrid watches.

The Pinnacle of Swiss Hybrid Watch Technology

MONTRESA’s Swiss Hybrid Watches are a symphony of classic Swiss watch tradition and sophisticated smart electronics, representing a transcendent journey of design and functionality. Housed within a specially brushed 42mm stainless steel body, these watches radiate an equilibrium of subtlety and conspicuousness, offering dials in a spectrum of classic hues that traverse both sporty and elegant realms. The versatile aesthetic is enhanced by the interchangeable straps meticulously crafted from premium materials like leather, stainless steel, and rubber, aligning with individual tastes and varying occasions.

The technological essence of MONTRESA watches is a marvel in itself, designed, developed, and manufactured with Swiss precision. Their impeccable high-end Swiss movements are synchronized via Bluetooth with the paired smartphone’s time signal, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and automatic adjustment to different time zones and transitions between summer and winter. This innovative convergence of traditional horology and modern technology propels MONTRESA into the echelons of hybrid watchmaking.

The durable and scratch-resistant sapphire glass and 50-meter water resistance accentuate the timeless design, making it a suitable companion for diverse lifestyles and activities. These attributes ensure that the wearer is always appropriately attired, embodying the spirit of Montresa’s elegance and resilience.

Beyond aesthetic brilliance and structural resilience, the interactive capabilities of MONTRESA’s watches are noteworthy. Bluetooth technology orchestrates a seamless and secure command transmission from the watch to the bespoke MONTRESA app on the user’s smartphone. Users can customize commands within the app, even incorporating command chains encompassing multiple actions, offering unparalleled personalization and control. The app’s intuitive interface allows users to assign different command responses to short, long, or double clicks, enabling control over various IoT command chains.


MONTRESA’s watches, powered by easily replaceable CR2025 button cell batteries, assure reliable performance for at least one year, mitigating the perennial hassle of daily recharging and eliminating the need for cables and chargers. The user is alerted to depleting battery life through a red LED flash on the watch and a “Battery Low” notification on the app, a feature ensuring timely battery replacement without compromising the watch’s operational integrity, which remains uncompromised for an additional two months post the alert.

Technical Excellence Encompassed:

  • Case & Design: The specially brushed 316L steel case with sapphire glass weighs 75g, with a diameter of 42mm and an 11mm thickness, defining resilience and elegance.
  • Water Resistance: The 5ATM (50m) water resistance ensures reliability under diverse conditions.
  • Dial & Strap: The varied dial colours are complemented by Superluminova applied hour and minute hands and 20mm wide leather straps, enhancing the aesthetic appeal.
  • Movements & Connectivity: The two high precision step movements – Ronda GB22 and the BLE – 2.4GHz, SRD – 869MHz radio, amalgamate accuracy with connectivity.
  • Battery: The CR2025 battery, easy to replace, promises a runtime of over a year, epitomizing user-friendly innovation.

MONTRESA’s Swiss Hybrid Watches are the quintessence of Swiss innovation, combining unparalleled craftsmanship, elegant design, and interactive technology to redefine the essence of timekeeping in the digital era. The brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and functionality positions it as a trailblazer in hybrid watchmaking, encapsulating the future of horology within the timeless charm of Swiss tradition.


The Smart Elegance of MONTRESA Swiss Hybrid Watches

MONTRESA Swiss Hybrid Watches redefines interaction and control with their intuitive and sophisticated approach. A discreet, short, long, or double-click on one of the pushers sends a Bluetooth command to the MONTRESA. app on your paired smartphone, streamlining your interaction with various applications.

This innovative and seamless connection can orchestrate myriad tasks, from the simple garage door opening to the execution of complex command chains or “flows.” This could include turning off lights, powering all devices, lowering shutters, and securing doors when leaving the office or arriving home. It also serves as a reliable companion in uncomfortable situations, allowing a swift call for help with position indication, ensuring your safety with unparalleled subtlety.

However, it is paramount to understand what MONTRESA Hybrid Watches are not—they are not mere smartwatches. These timepieces are a harmonious blend of meticulous mechanics and state-of-the-art electronics, giving them several advantages. They are inherently lighter and smaller, offering convenience and comfort to the wearer. The easy readability ensures you can glean the time with a fleeting glance, enriching the traditional watch-wearing experience.


Beyond the convenience and functionality, these watches eliminate the daily necessity of recharging and accumulating data clutter, emphasizing user-friendly interaction and data efficiency. The absence of cumbersome recharging routines and the refined elegance they exude make MONTRESA’s watches a sublime amalgamation of elegance, reliability, and innovative intelligence.

In a world inundated with digital complexities, MONTRESA Swiss Hybrid Watches stand as a testament to the convergence of timeless elegance and smart functionality, offering a refined and intelligent companion for the modern individual.

The Refined Elegance of MONTRESA’s Design

MONTRESA Swiss Hybrid Watches epitomize the intersection of classic elegance and modern functionality. The design philosophy revolves around a timeless aesthetic characterized by a meticulously brushed 42 mm stainless steel body and dials available in various classic shades. These shades, rendered in sporty and elegant nuances, cater to diverse preferences and styles.

The sapphire glass adds a layer of scratch-resistant sophistication, ensuring durability without compromising style. The watches are waterproof to 50 meters and adaptable to various activities and settings. Interchangeable straps, crafted in high-quality materials such as leather, stainless steel, or rubber, allow for customization, reflecting the wearer’s taste and the occasion’s demand.

David Gagnebin, a renowned designer, has infused the collection with his prowess, aligning the timepieces with contemporary elegance while respecting the Swiss watchmaking tradition. The watches are visually appealing and ergonomic, offering comfort and a seamless blend with any ensemble.


Moreover, the visual coherence between the dial colours and the leather straps accentuates the overall aesthetic appeal, presenting a harmonious palette. The subtle elegance of the design, combined with intuitive, innovative functionalities, makes MONTRESA Swiss Hybrid Watches a symbol of sartorial and technological intelligence, embodying a refined style statement for the modern connoisseur.

Concluding Thoughts: MONTRESA – A Paradigm of Elegance and Innovation

MONTRESA is a beacon of innovative elegance and Swiss precision in the horology landscape. These Swiss Hybrid Watches elegantly intertwine the revered tradition of Swiss watchmaking with groundbreaking technological advancements, crafting a narrative of timeless elegance bolstered by modern functionality. The unique hybrid nature of MONTRESA watches, combining smart electronics with analogue design, sets them apart in a market saturated with typical smartwatches.

With a foundation in classic aesthetics, each piece is a meticulous blend of refined design and user-friendly interaction, offering a versatile palette of dial colours and high-quality, interchangeable straps. David Gagnebin’s design acumen infuses the collection with a contemporary elegance that resonates with the aficionado and the modern individual.

The subtle, intuitive interactions powered by advanced Bluetooth technology redefine the user experience, providing seamless control over various applications with a discreet click while ensuring the watches retain their sophisticated allure. The versatility in functionality, from simple tasks to executing complex command chains, encapsulates the essence of intelligent design and utility that MONTRESA represents.

With their enduring battery life, eliminating the hassle of daily recharging, and the precision of Swiss movements, MONTRESA watches are not just timepieces; they are companions of elegance, reliability, and intelligent sophistication.

In conclusion, MONTRESA Swiss Hybrid Watches is a harmonious symphony of tradition, elegance, innovation, and practicality, promising a future where the wearer experiences the sublime convergence of style and smart convenience. As we anticipate the unfolding chapters of MONTRESA’s journey, we can’t help but feel excited about the boundless possibilities and refined experiences that await the modern connoisseur. Keep an eye on this remarkable brand; the journey of MONTRESA is one of unfolding elegance and intelligent evolution!

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