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If you like Fashion and beautiful watches, you need to discover the new Karl Lagerfeld by Bamford Milgauss. Based on a Rolex Milgauss, BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT dresses this amazing timepiece with a black tie attitude and a signature style from KARL LAGERFELD. It will be available December 3rd in Paris and Munich at Karl Lagerfeld Boutiques.


Bamford, a luxury taylor for your watch

Bamford Watch Department

Bamford Watch Department is like Pininfarina, Brabus or Prindiville for Automobile brands. They work officially with beautiful watch-makers in order to push further the customization of certain models without loosing the initial spirit of each timepiece. Brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemar Piguet or Tag Heuer trust Bamford for the excellent work they accomplish in each timepiece. All timepieces are new and no customizations on already owned watches are possible. This insures the perfect state of the customized watch. With the launch of this limited edition, Bamford is loyal to the great relationship they have with Rolex, as they offer a vast collection of Rolex limited editions on their current catalog.

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Karl Lagerfeld spirit

With the launch of this new limited edition by Bamford, Karl Lagerfeld brought a subtle yet precise fashionable touch in this Timepiece. It is classy, distinctive and with a certain touch of fun I must say.


The Milgauss dresses with Lagerfeld! An all black look for chic with certain restreint. At 7 o’clock we recognize Karl Lagerfeld profile silhouette in a black and white Chinese shadow shape. In the bottom center of the dial, we can see the Karl Lagerfeld signature, like if this watch was actually his own. It makes it very personal. The dial is covered with an all-over in black and grey representing Karl Lagerfeld face profile. It is a very fashionable distinctive aspect as it reminds some graphic patterns like “Pied de Poule”. This time modernized with Karl Lagerfeld face profile. A discreet yet very sophisticated detail.


This Limited edition will be available at the Recommended retail price of 19’000 € and is exclusive to Karl Lagerfeld boutiques in Paris and Munich. A special luxury box was developed according to the Limited Edition color code. On top of the black box we can see Karl Lagerfeld face profile and his signature as an autograph on the box. The words “Bamford Watch Department is written on the left side, as a label of quality, creativity, exclusive luxury and the symbol of this great partnership.

This striking design features the Bamford Watch Department’s newly released signature black “Supermatte” MGT (military grade titanium) coating, as well as the Karl Lagerfeld signature logo embossed on the dial, the KARL LAGERFELD Cameo head design printed on the background and the Signature KARL Head at number seven.



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When a luxury project gets in the expert hands of Bamford, the result can only be… unique!



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