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When it comes to watches for women, the market is flooded with endless options. A simple search online will give you an array to choose from, which can be overwhelming if you do not know what to look for. The secret to buying the perfect watch for a woman is to conduct thorough research. Today, most women prefer to wear wristwatches as part of their everyday wear. This means that the options vary from simple everyday pieces to occasional designer pieces.

Before you can choose the perfect watch for her, part of your research should center on learning the different types of watches available. Here are the different types of designer watches for women you are likely to find in the market today.

Analog watches

These watches come with displays that feature miniature 12-hour clock face, a minute hand, and an hour hand. Some analog types of watches for women also come with the second arm. Analog watches can be found in traditional numbers or with roman numerals. This type of watch is best suited for the conservative wearer. It is the most basic type of wristwatch with only the required features to tell time.

Automatic watches

This type of watch depends on the motion of the wearer’s wrist to work. When worn daily, they do not require any winding as energy is stored and used when it is not on the wrist. However, occasionally worn automatic watches require winding to set the time when in use. The stored energy in an automatic wristwatch for women can keep the watch turning for up to 48 hours.

Diving watches

If you are looking for a gift for a woman who takes diving as a sport, a diving watch would be the most thoughtful gift. This type of wristwatch is made with water-resistant features and can work when submerged in water. The best type should have water-resistant features that allow the diver to wear it when going 300m or deeper.


Dress watches

This is the most elegant type of watch in the market with the primary purpose of telling time. A dress watch is simplistic, elegant, and minimalistic. They are made in the simplest designs and will rarely have diamonds or large faces. It is best for someone looking for a subtle, underrated, and charming piece. They are best paired with official attire and dinner jackets, and sometimes tuxedos.


This is a smart device worn on the wrist like any other wristwatch. These types of watches come with new-age smart technology making them much more than simply devices for telling time. Smartwatches for women come with touchscreen features and app compatibility for smart support. They can be used as sports watches to calculate calories burned, steps taken, heart rate, and other vital signs.


Luxury watches

These are mostly wristwatches bought as collectibles. They are common amongst watch collectors and people who appreciate old watch craftwork. Most luxury watches come encrusted in precious stones and high-end material with very high resale value. Luxury watches are only worn to very high-end occasions as opposed to being everyday pieces.  

Hybrid watches

As the name describes, a hybrid watch is a woman’s design watch made by combining the mechanics of analog and digital watches. These are some of the unique and highly functional watches in the market today.

Quartz watches

These types of watches work by the use of electronic oscillators in quartz crystal synchronization. The electric current created by the mechanics causes pulsating of the quartz with a precise frequency. The frequency passes through an integrated circuit, which works to set the watch’s hands in motion. These types of watches use a battery to function.

Watches for women come in endless options. Just like men, wristwatches for women are more than just accessories for everyday use. With this guide, you can better understand the different types of women watches in the market. Be sure to consider all the options available to ensure you choose the best one for the recipient.  

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