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Vaucher Manufacture and CSEM launch an innovative mechanical movement with one month power-reserve.

Devised by Pierre Genequand, a Flextech specialist employee of CSEM now in retirement, this technology revolutionizes the escapement and allows to increase drastically the power reserve from around 40 hours to 30 days minimum. The best prototype tested had 53 days performance !

Genequand System

7 years of development were necessary to achieve this revolutionary project. This mechanism produced by CSEM will replace the Swiss lever escapement and will sign the end of the “tic-tac” sound of traditional mechanical watch.

Using flexible articulations made by silicon micro manufacturing reduces the level of friction, energy consumption and finally increase precision.

A multidisciplinary team of 20 people overcame many challenges adapting such an innovation to the scale of a wristwatch and resolved one by one manufacturing problems.


Definitely, this is a good example of Swiss transfer of technology, from a research field concept to a desirable and luxury product.

Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier are actually working on its industrialization. They planned to commercialize it for the beginning exclusively under Parmigiani brand within 3 years.

Main specifications:

  • 3 components isochronism compensator, Wittrick oscillator, pallets
  • 86,400 vibrations per hour of the oscillator
  • 10 x 15 mm, dimensions of the system
  • 0.02 mm, strip thicknesses

Sebastien Eich

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