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First impressions and lasting relationships are very important when you work with the most selective clients. Real estate agents for luxury properties have to cultivate both, promoting a personal brand and showing the exclusivity of their services. We share a few requirements to be a real estate agent in an exclusive market. Follow expert advice so you can master the art of getting your share of the market and learn how to be a luxury home realtor.

1. Sell more than just a property: 

Emphasizing the high standing of a luxurious house can play a very important role in the sale. Many buildings are no longer considered simply “houses”: in the higher price segments, a luxury property may be promoted as a vacation retreat or a beach villa. Taking advantage of the concept of luxury living is essential to successfully market a high-end property.

One of the most crucial steps is to decide what aspects of a luxury home are compatible with the property. Is the house near a marina or golf course? Does it have in-demand facilities like tennis courts or a jacuzzi? Is there a room for a gym or home theatre in the house? Consider all the things to show clients that the property is way more than just a big house.

The fact is that there are no clear dividing lines between expensive property and the rest, and there is no clear definition. It means that you will have to do everything possible to position your property in the “prime” market.

2. Networking, networking, networking:

Rich clients will not start coming to you after your first day as a real estate agent. You need to take time to grow your network and gain meaningful and valuable connections. Find people who do the same job as you, who can share some experience and tips. Visit seminars, exhibitions, workshops – any place where you can find new people to share your knowledge.

The power of networking cannot be overestimated: those new connections may be the ones to recommend your services to potential rich clients. 

Yes, it is important to approach, know, and impress potential clients, but you are also continually introducing yourself to your colleagues or collaborators. Building a solid image and network of contacts will help you promote your services better because you will exchange ideas and ways of doing things, as well as market knowledge with professionals you can trust.

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If you don’t want to wait until those clients come to you, you may try finding some yourself. Study luxurious neighborhoods in the area where you work and promote your services there. You may even use Nuwber to find the contacts of homeowners to offer your services.  That way, when people who live in those areas need a real estate agent – they will have your name in mind.

3. Use creative and inspirational marketing:

Another requirement to be a real estate agent for luxury homes is that you ensure that your clients can see your actual abilities to find and sell exceptional properties. For this, achieving a good presentation of a house is a very important part of the process and something you should rely on a lot.

Although you can promote your creativity and your image through digital materials and media, you can also do it in person. Look for ways to make your properties even more desirable. Thinking of luxury homes, you might as well invite an artist and turn rooms in the house into parts of a gallery, or look for luxury jewelry designers and create an exhibition.

If you want to know how to be a real estate agent for this type of property, you have to know how to take the appeal of luxury homes to another level.

4. Build your brand beyond the luxury market:

Another requirement to be a real estate agent in a high-end market is for you to become a student of luxury. Learn more about cars, preferred hobbies, and wines. You must study the world of your rich clients because it is very different from the majority. By gaining this knowledge, you will become your clients’ information center for luxury properties and much more, and solidify your relationships.

In this way, you could also become a consultant not only for real estate but also for lifestyle and other services that your clients may need. Marketing yourself properly will require hard work and diligence, as well as a lot of attention to detail. But if you do it right, you can establish yourself as a leader in the luxury home market, with the knowledge to meet your clients where they need you, and the skills to exceed their expectations.

5. Build a proper digital presence for you and your houses:

With more and more people spending time on the internet each day, digital marketing should play a major role in your strategy. Make sure it stays fresh and dynamic: update your profile photos, share professional videos with tours of your best properties. These types of videos are very relevant to social networks, they will quickly catch the attention of viewers if you can capture the unique and special features, such as amenities inside and outside the property, or excellent landscaping.

You must create your brand – have a well-crafted photograph, an attractive profile – and connect with your professional network. Communicate with friends, past clients, and your friends through social networks. And yes – past clients, never neglect those. You never know when they will need your services again or recommend you to a friend. So pop up in their life from time to time.

Social media has been flooded with images of properties and infographics about real estate. To set yourself apart, present yourself as a person who connects people with houses that really match their personalities. Make sure your online presence matches your own personality as well, and try to mix your favorite habits and activities with your profession.

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