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BLEU DE CHANEL – The Art Of Shaving.

Discover the new BLEU DE CHANEL Shaving kit. For a perfect and safe shaving. The shaving cream and the shaving brush are perfect companions for men.

Claude Meylan New Tortue Lady Editions – Baselworld 2021

Baselworld 2021 took place in Geneva this year and Claude Meylan, the master of Skeleton watches, revealed two female models around its Tortue Lady line.

6 Legging Styles to Try at Least Once

Gone are the days when leggings were only worn with sports or workout outfits. Thanks to their versatility, flexibility, and comfort, these stretchy pants are now a must-have fashion item in any...

Alternative Medicine: How Crystals Can Help Improve Your Health

It's no secret that many people have turned to alternative medicine in recent years to help improve their health. Many of these treatments, such as acupuncture and aromatherapy, are now being widely...

When MUGLER Sexiness Goes Viral

See here how MUGLER went viral in the past week thanks to the dazzling Megan Fox and the outstanding collaboration with Luxury house WOLFORD.

What to Know When Shopping for Men’s Perfume

Research shows us that 39% of men in the United States wear perfume on a daily basis. Just 15% of men say that they never wear perfume while 21% of men say that...

How to Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

Many people think you can only wear all-gold or all-silver jewelry. However, like mixing black and blue, wearing gold and silver jewelry at the same time has come into fashion. To create...

4 Ways To Enjoy A Luxurious Trip To Whistler, BC

An opportunity to visit Whistler, British Columbia (BC) is already amazing on its own—but a luxurious trip to this top Canadian destination? Yes, please. Who wouldn't want to travel in style as...

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