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The design world always seems to be bringing out the latest and hottest trend that people are jumping on, but not all of these are practical or even attractive. For those wishing to create a space that is unique, luxurious, and comfortable, we’ve come across a trend that may just work for you. Window tinting is no longer just for your luxury auto, as it can now be used in your home as well.

Ideal for Climate Control

While many assume it’s the look of the window tinting that is helping to make this a “trend”, it’s actually very much about the climate control that it offers. For those people who live in areas that experience extreme heat and lots of sunshine, the air conditioner can seem like it’s constantly running. Not everyone enjoys the feel of a/c running all day long, or the fact it gets pretty expensive. This is where window tinting can help. By having your windows tinted in your home professionally by a company such as All About Window Tinting, you’ll be able to control the temperature in your home much better. You’ll see a reduction in your energy bill immediately, and your a/c unit will last longer since it won’t be having to work as hard.

Save Your Furniture

Here’s another factor that people don’t always think about and that’s sun damage. We know what sun damage is and we know we can get it by being out in the sun, but did you know the items in your home can also suffer from sun damage? Think about your curtains, furniture, and flooring that is exposed to the sun as it pours in through the windows. Over time, the sun begins to fade these items, and usually in uneven ways. This leads to you needing to replace the furniture and flooring much earlier than necessary. With window tinting you’ll find that these items will maintain their great condition for much longer periods of time. The tint will protect them from harmful rays, keeping your furnishings looking fresh and new.


Protect Your Health

Here’s another big benefit, possibly the most important of all. Window tinting can actually protect your health. Those same UV rays that are responsible for fading your furniture, walls, curtains, and floors can also be harmful to you. UV rays are, of course, connected to skin cancer, so it’s important to either use sunscreen or cover up to protect yourself. Most people aren’t going to walk around their house with sunblock on, so it just makes sense to add a protective coating to your windows. In fact, many of these window films have even garnered approval and recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation based in the United States.

So Much More Than Looks are Involved

When it comes to window tinting, it is about so much more than looks. Tinting can protect your health, prolong the life of your furniture/flooring/drapes, and cut back on your electricity costs. It seems like a win-win all around.


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