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Romanian artist Octavian Mielu releases a new series of incredible Smoke portraits. From Marilyn Monroe, to Michael Jackson or Che Guevara, Octavian portraits reveal an original emotion and expression of these iconic personalities.


Octavian Mielu has chosen some of the most iconic personalities of the past 100 years, from multiple domains and eras. It is a sort of tribute to a certain humanity legacy . All personalities are universally well known and all represented something important in their own domain.


It is interesting to see how Octavian Mielu was inspired by very different famous people. It is a very rich selection. From Mickey Mouse to Marilyn Monroe, it is a whole world that separates them. Several sizes are available which would allow interesting displays organization.


When you ask Octavian Mielu about his work, he explains that he uses different smoke photos and techniques in order to bring this misty impression of famous portraits. The ephemeral, unpredictable and fragile nature of smoke represent a challenge and an interest for the artistic wok. You cannot control everything precisely so the beauty of this work is even more interesting.
When you wonder why Octavian Mielu used smoke, this is what he replies: “Because the lines are beautiful, the transparency forms different shades of black and grey and the lines of smoke make striking portraits.”

A lot of these personalities vanish in their own personal history like smoke. Octavian Mielu captured these precious moments and faces expressions for ever in his work. Well done.



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