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What if your favorite Sally Mann or Andy Warhol would be available for you directly via your computer?  That is the goal and the aim of THE NEVICA PROJECT.

Imagine a virtual gallery or gallerist that can connect artists with potential buyers. As they say, instead of bringing the world to the world of Arts, they bring Arts to the world. Interesting concept that already pleased different artists like Sally Mann (I love her work) or Warren McKenzie.

Nevica comes from the italian and it means “It is snowing”. Here, it represents a project that will grow little by little and hopefully will become big.

The Nevica Project was created by Jayson Lawfer. He has a great experience in the world of Arts as he spent most of his career as an accomplished artists (Ceramic) and as a Curator for several exhibitions.

Basically, you connect to and have a look into the different galleries. Once you find a Artwork that you like, you can send an email in order to get the price and the link to place an order. This can of course protect and respect the Artists work without showing prices in the internet (especially that we know that prices in art are very changing.

I find this project very interesting as it places Art in an interesting thinking. Piece of Art vs Consumption Goods, Rare and elitist vs Spread and Accessible… interesting debate that The Nevica Project brings on the table. At the same time, this project respect the Artists ethics and the buyers privacy as the 21st century gallerist… e-volution or re-volution? It is up to you.

The company also proposes consultancy services for private collectioners or/and professional gallerists as Mr Lawfer has a great experience in the sector.