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Tokyo is probably one of the most inspiring cities for art and design in the world. One of the main players is Bunkamura, established in Shibuya since 1989. And in 2014 it will be their 25th anniversary. A quarter of a century being a cultural ambassador in Japan.


In the 80’s, the Tokyo Corporation, one of the biggest companies in Japan, started different projects with the idea to integrate their services into people’s lifestyle. From public transports, to banks and credit cards up to cultural events. In 1989, they open Bunkamura center, a true cultural village in the center of Tokyo. Bunkamura is located in Shibuya, one of the most dynamic and young areas of Tokyo.


25 years ago, it was still a non interesting place and Bunkamura center contributed in the development of this area. The Bunkamura center is a high-place for culture. Several services and installations are available


Bunkamura Cinema floor

Le Cinema 1 and 2

It is called in french “Le Cinema”. There are 2 projection rooms. Cinema 1 with 150 seats and Cinema 2 with 126 seats. All year you can watch a selection of movies. Several options in terms of memberships are possible. Until the end of the year you can see the following film: Scatter my Ashes at Bergdorf’s. Directed by Matthew Miele, it narrates the story of this amazing Luxury Department store in New York fifth avenue: Bergdorf’s. After 112 years of amazing story, famous fashion people tells their stories about this famous place. With Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Tory Burch, Giorgio Armani, Manolo Blahnik, Patricia Field, Laudomia Pucci, Silvia Venturini Fendi, Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie, Vera Wang, Diane von Furstenberg, Joan Rivers, Candice Bergen and more. Check here the trailer:

Bunkamura Orchard floor

Orchard Hall


It is one of the biggest concert halls of the city with 2’150 seats. The acoustic of the room is amazing and the room architecture was created in order to bring a perfect sound to all music and theater activities. The sound is rich, naturally faceted and solid. Despite of being a main place for classic music it is also very popular for theater’s plays. The stage has a strong functional convertible capability so that any set can be adapted.

Lee Panini Italian Cafe & Restaurant

This is a small yet friendly restaurant with 22 seats. You can enjoy a Cappucino or a quick snack before or after your cultural program.

Orchard Hall Buffet

This is a bigger restaurant, up to 80 seats. It is a buffet style with possibilities to rent the space for private events.

Bunkamura Main Lobby floor

Theather Cocoon


With a maximum of 747 seats in total, this theater proposes performances from Cocoon Kabuki only for the moment. Kabuki is a traditional Japanese dance-drama. It is positionned as a main art as it is well known for its stylization of its drama and the make-up worn.

Bunkamura Gallery





This is one of the most edgy art galleries of the country. The Bunkamura art gallery offers a selection of very interesting exhibitions. From oil paintings, prints, three dimensional artwork like sculpture and photography. Artists from Japan but also from abroad are welcome to exhibit their creativity. It is definitely a place to be.


This is a second art gallery in the Bunkamura center that can also present either a solo artist or a group of artists.

“Do~umagopari” restaurant

A business alliance with the famous restaurant in Paris Saint German des Près : Deux Magots. With 60 seats inside the restaurant and 120 seats in the terrasse area, you get a feeling of being in Paris for a couple of hours.


Several shops will propose you different articles. From music, bags, accessories to flowershop and home.

Swarovski shop

Here you will find an official Swarovski store in which all the iconic products from the brand is presented. From Jewelry to Fashion accessories, figurines and home accessories.

Bunkamura Garden floor

The Museum and the Museum shop


You can find here the Art Museum. Several exhibitions are taking place every year, with a main focus in Modern Art. Mainly the Museum curator direction is based on western painting exhibitions from the 20th century. A lot of collaborations with foreigner museums. with a total area of 836 m2 it is one of the biggest exhibition areas inside the city center of Tokyo.

Bunkamura Studio

There is a direct link with the Orchard Hall and the Cocoon theater as it allows live recording in high quality. All the most modern material for professional recording at your disposal for your projects.

So if next year you go to Tokyo, you need to visit the Bunkamura center. 2014 is also a very special year as Japan and Switzerland are celebrating together their 150th anniversary of Bilateral relations. You can read more about it here. Bunkamura center will definitely be part of the official celebrations.




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