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The world of arts it is an amazing human activity that will inspire millions of people. Switzerland is a great supporter of arts. It is pretty surprising to see how many exhibitions, concerts, installations and other artistic festivals take place every year in the Swiss soil. How to manage your calendar so you would not miss a thing? Well, now there is CULTURAL NETWORK.

Cultural network, your digital pocket companion for arts and culture

Cultural Network is a mobile app and a web platform that allow museums and institutions to connect every day with thousands of people. And it is all for free. That is the beauty of it. Museums, Opera houses, galleries or concert halls can easily update in a live streaming all their current and incoming news. The user have access to all events that will match his profile. By entering your interests, the app will geo-locate you and propose all matches to the information you have chosen. You can browse the list of events by type of artist (dancer, painter…) or by type of institution (museum, gallery, festival…) or even by type of event (concert, exhibition…).


Cultural Network takes Switzerland as a role model and a good place to start

Switzerland can be proud of Cultural Network. It is a full 100% Swiss made project. The team behind this project picked up Switzerland as a cultural challenge and an advantage in terms of quality, design and functionality. In deed, Switzerland with its 4 official languages and the amount of cultural events running every year across the country represents a great challenge to anyone. If Cultural Network succeeds in Switzerland, it can succeed everywhere! Switzerland also became a major world reference for arts and society. So starting in Switzerland sets the ambition of the project. We also tend to say that Switzerland has one of the most demanding audience, aiming for only the very best at all levels.



Connecting people with the actors of arts

The principle is pretty simple. Cultural Network allows museums, art galleries and concert halls to input their events, news, incoming exhibitions with as much details as possible. This will allow to map every single local to regional to national events. The end user can enjoy a live updated tool that is at the same time a cultural calendar, agenda, exhibition guide and weekend personal assistant for going-out. It is already the 17th version of the app that is continuously improving and adding more features.


Cultural Network, everything in one place

The app is pretty complete. You access all information by event, institution or by geo-location. There is also a QR code reader, very practical in order to get extra information. You can favorite information, so you can retrieve it easily and you can also save events and see them in a cultural to-do list. One incoming feature, not yet available, is the possibility to buy tickets online. Currently in negotiations with online ticket bookers, the close-future idea will be to help you find the perfect art exhibition, event or concert and buy tickets directly from the app. This would definitely be a must and a very helpful functionality.





Do not hesitate to download the app from the app store:
Cultural Network par Julien Goumaz


You can also check for more information on the company official website. You can see a presentation of their services and also how exactly the platform works. You can also see the recent news about incoming concerts, exhibitions and more.

When passion for arts and Swiss ingenuity meet, the result can only be outstanding.


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