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This month at mor.charpentier gallery there is a new exhibition called CUSTOMARY BEAUTY. Several artists are participating to it: Alexander Apóstol, Milena Bonilla, José Dávila, Laura Gannon, Terence Gower, Pablo León de la Barra and Mateo López. The curatorial ambition of this exhibition is to interpret this transformations not like a failure but as a peculiar form of beauty generated by the routine. It also has an aim to initiate a dialogue between Western artists and Latin America, between First World and its distorting mirror that is Latin America. Through differentiated languages​​, the artists participating in this exhibition reinterpret the unpredictable dimension of modernism and reinvest the geographical and mental spaces that once inhabited this doctrine.

Photos and videos witness all these changes and bring a different look on the evolution of society.

Mor.Charpentier gallery continues its aim to reveal different talents from Latin America, which refreshes the parisian art landscapes.

Curator: Natalia Valencia.

« Customary Beauty »
10th September – 29 October 2011
galerie mor ! charpentier
8, rue Saint-Claude Paris 3ème T +(33) 0 1 44 54 01 58 –