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Lausanne is definitely the place to be for modern and contemporary photography. This summer, l’Elysee Museum for photography is holding a very interesting photo exhibition called “Only God can Judge me” by Swiss photographer Matthieu Gafsou.

Matthieu Gafsou, Swiss, Artist, invested.

By choosing Matthieu Gafsou to perform an exhibition at l’Elysée, the Swiss institution in Lausanne took a position in terms of artistic engagement torwards some “bites”. In deed, Matthieu Gafsou always brought and edgy look in every theme he has chosen in the past to explore.
With “Alps” in 2008-2012, it was a closer look into the Swiss natural landscape and the changes brought by tourism.
Alps by Matthieu Gafsou

Then, with “Sacré” in 2011-2012, it was a full thinking about the role of religion, its symbols and its presence in today’s society.
Sacré by Matthieu Gafsou

Matthieu Gafsou lives and works in Lausanne – Switzerland. He studied photography at the School of Applied Arts in Vevey. He brings this “inside” look of a region, a city or a country… As it is explained in the artist’s website, he participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions and published four books since 2006. He received in 2009 the famous “Prix de la fondation HSBC pour la photographie” and was selected in 2010 in the exhibition reGeneration2. Since 2012 he teaches at the University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL).

Only God can judge me, a spike into the drug world in Lausanne

With this new exhibition, Matthieu Gafsou brings his vision of the drug world in Lausanne. He spent more than a year immersed in the lives and the days of drug addicts. Several themes are treated in the exhibition, from night encounters to the idea of abandon or altered reality. Some portraits are displayed and reflects a sort of nobility and dignity of human kind. Other works are more abstract, allegorical and almost purely fantasy.

The aim of the exhibition is not to prevent the usage of drugs but more like an open window to a transparent world that live among our family, friends and children. It is there but only the objective of the photographer could reveal it to the world.
Matthieu Gafsou LausanneMatthieu Gafsou Only god knows

Matthieu Gafsou Elysee exhibition

Matthieu Gafsou only god

Matthieu Gafsou Lausanne Elysee

Matthieu Gafsou exhibition

Matthieu Gafsou musee de l'elysee

The exhibition’s curator is Anne Lacoste, official curator of the Elysée Museum. It will be exhibit from June 4th to August 24th, so you have all summer to discover this amazing artist.

18, avenue de l’Elysée
CH – 1014 Lausanne
T + 41 21 316 99 11
F + 41 21 316 99 12

If you wish to explore more about Matthieu Gafsou and his previous works, you can also visit the artist official website here:

“Only God can judge me” is an artistic and sharp look into a true society problem. By applying the photographer “filter” Matthieu Gafsou allows you to understand certain reality of things without judgement. Well, only if you are God then.



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