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Swiss Blog #1: A Renversé Is Not A Coffee With Milk

Our first blog post about Swiss specificities is dedicated to the Renversé! In Switzerland you do not say a Coffee with Milk, you say a Renversé... but be careful. It is not...

Wysses Rössli in Schwyz. Gastronomy and Culture at 4 stars.

Switzerland is a hidden treasure to be discovered in the heart of Europe. And inside this magnificent treasure, the Wysses Rössli Hotel is one of the key jewels. In this beautiful 4...

Social Media in Switzerland, 2015 figures

Here are the updated figures for Social media in Switzerland. These figures correspond to end of August 2015. As we can see, Switzerland is a very connected country in which luxury brands but also media, electronics or retail food are all using social media to communicate with customers and fans.

Vittel Couch Converter, move!

Vittel, the mineral water brand is launching by end of march a new operation called Couch converter. Basically they offer you to get rid of your sofa (at least a part of it) and transform it into a trendy pair of sneakers.

Ricola Glacier Mint, what Swiss nature has to offer at its best.

Ricola is a Swiss company that became a true ambassador for the country. With more than 5 billion drops produced every year, Ricola sells its iconic bonbons all over the world. 85...

Matthieu Gafsou at l’Elysee Lausanne. Only God can Judge me.

Lausanne is definitely the place to be for modern and contemporary photography. This summer, l'Elysee Museum for photography is holding a very interesting photo exhibition called "Only God can Judge me" by...

2014 Digital in Switzerland at its best.

Here is our 2014 look on the best of Switzerland online. With such a developed country in terms of telecommunications and a national digital market pretty much mature, the quality of digital...

Jelmoli Zürich welcomes Karl Lagerfeld

The Luxury Department store Jelmoli welcomes Karl Lagerfeld in a edgy 20m2 store in store. From March 20th, you will be able to dive into the amazing world of one of the...

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