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Discover Mugler Follies, the new show by Manfred Thierry Mugler. It will take place at Le Comedia in Paris. And to describe what we think about this great initiative, only one word came to our minds: FABULICIOUS !


Manfred T Mugler revisit or I would say revamp the Cabaret Revue. He brings more glamour, more sexyness and a wild feeling of excitement.

Mugler Follies, the pitch

The show is about the story of an amazing woman searching for her inner balance. Accross multiple encounters, she not only discover herself but also transforms into a sublime and blooming woman. Step by step, we follow the journey of initiation of this young woman, her fantastic and unusual events, which bring such a chrysalis to become a sublime and radiant being, closer to the stars.


In a hot show creativity, joy Mugler blends eroticism, magic high-tech, light processing to bring the viewer into a whirlwind of emotions. Each number can pass from one universe to another, punctuated by original music and songs specifically created for each scene.


For this production, Manfred Mugler revisits the Revue, an artistic expression that gives him the greatest freedom. It allows him to display all of his follies, boldness and all forms of metamorphoses on stage.


A show rich in creativity, Mugler combines joy with eroticism, magic with high technology, lights with transformation, and transports the public into a swirl of emotions. Each number gives the opportunity to travel from one universe to another, with musical rhythms and original songs composed specifically for each act.

Manfred-Thierry-Mugler-Follies-show Manfred-Thierry-Mugler-Follies-show-2 Manfred-Thierry-Mugler-Follies-show-3 Manfred-Thierry-Mugler-Follies-show-4

Here the teaser about the show:

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Manfred Thierry Mugler used to target the moon in everything he did because he knew that if something would go wrong, he would at least end up among the stars…



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