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Mugler Angel Nova: An Explosion For The Senses

You do not wear a Mugler fragrance by chance or randomly. Mugler perfumery signature is unique and its creations are true innovative fragrances that some of them created a whole olfactory trend....

Thierry Mugler: Couturissime, Arrives For Summer in Munich at the Kunsthalle.

Thierry Mugler is one of the most gifted artists of his generation. He was a tornado in the world of fashion. There was a before and an after Thierry Mugler. He redefined...

Mugler Cologne Universe – Color Up Your Mood

The fragrance industry has launched a few fragrances that I would call olfactory UFOs. Meaning, fragrances that were so unique that you would recognize theirs scents in the first second you would...

Thierry Mugler And The Legacy Of A True Artistic Revolution

Fashion brands come and go. A great fashion Mademoiselle said once: Fashion fades, only style remains. When it comes to style, certain names are iconically linked to it and Thierry Mugler is...

Why Aura Mugler is a great Mugler?

2017 is a great year for the fragrance industry. Among great launches of this year, Aura Mugler is definitely one to highlight. We have already written a full review that you can...

Friday Chronicle #20 – Why the fashion industry is killing fashion? A heritage and creativity debate. 

When a very well known trends agency in Paris said back in 2012 that fashion needed to get its freedom from the heritage and history or die, it was probably the most stupid thing to say. Nevertheless it was the state of mind of many people at that time. Since then several iconic Fashion houses decided to embrace this over-modernity philosophy and now, 4 years later, they are dying .

Mugler fashion, the exceptional heritage in a dazzling future.

Thierry Mugler is a legend in the fashion industry. His style and his legacy became an endless source of inspiration for fashion artist from all over the world. The Fashion and Beauty...

Thierry Mugler Angel, Eau Sucrée: the heaven’s delight.

Thierry Mugler launches its new Summer limited edition of Angel: Angel Eau Sucrée. A pure delight for the senses. Glamorous summer seems to be a nice program. Review here.

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