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Les Editions du Griffon just released the first monograph of Swiss Artist Olivier Mosset, one of the central figures in post-war abstract painting and a true reference for a generation of European and American painters.

The 264 pages of this first monograph have 200 illustrations and will recap with great talent the quintessence of Olivier Mosset’s work. One of the first interesting elements of this art book is the preface done by Michel Gauthier. In the world of Art, Michel Gauthier is for sure a sharp eye and a great defender of artistic heritage. In his preface, he questions himself about the value of art and opens a door into Olivier Mosset’s career and the different questions raised by his work.


The second interesting aspect of this monograph are the texts written by Elisabeth Wetterwald. She is not only a very expert pen in the arts field but she knows well the work of Olivier Mosset as she has already participated as a writer in a book about him back in 2018. Page after page, we are delighted to follow Elisabeth Wetterwald words and narration of the life and work of this incredible artist.

During the past half-century, Olivier mosset has developed a true visual language made of shapes, color and repetitions. His work fascinates generations of artists and he is a true inspiration to a young generation.

In the 1960s, Olivier Mosset—along with Daniel Buren, Michel Parmentier, and Niele Toroni—cofounded the Paris-based Minimalist collective BMPT as a response to the modernist ideal of “pure painting.”


Seeking to distance the act of artistic creation from its final product, Mosset developed a crisp, deliberately mechanical visual style. He also often collaborated on paintings with the other three members of BMPT, thereby subverting the traditional authority of an artist’s identity and signature.

Although his recent work is quite far from the painted circles that made his reputation back in the 1960s, his heritage is very present and his style remains unchanged. Please note that until June 21st 2020, the MAMCO Geneva is hosting a very interesting retrospective about Olivier Mosset, especially some great work connecting his artistic legacy to a new realism.


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