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Until October 18th, the Geneva Botanic garden presents a very interesting exhibition called Plants and Spirituality. Since man is man, he always used plants in order to better connect to something greater than him. From Religion to chamanism, the Geneva Botanic garden proposes a journey across time and space. The visitor will be able to discover this new exhibition as well as re-discover the Botanic garden itself. plantes et spiritualite

Geneva Botanic garden, a trip around the world

Placed in an amazing location of 28ha, the Geneva Botanic garden offers a journey across 5 continents and more than 12’000 species of plants, trees, bushes and other flowers grouped in almost 250 different families. It was created in 1817 by Augustin Pyrame de Candolle in the former Bastions park. The Botanic garden is also a place for scientific research. Its “herbier” has more than 6 million samples and the library has basically all print documents about botany since the 18th century! The herbier is placed in a 3-floor underground installation with more than 18km of shelves. The Geneva herbier is considered as one of the most extensive collections in the world. It was an amazing work of collection, classification and conservation, all available for scientists around the world to visit Geneva and keep moving forward with their scientific research. Family friendly, the gardens were organized to provide a full experience while discovering each mini-landscape from around the world.  jardin botanique de geneve

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A restaurant proposes nice meals and even a Sunday Brunch. Ideal for children, there is everything there to have fun and learn something clever.

Since January 1st 2015, the Geneva Botanic garden became a 100% organic garden, respecting all rules from the Swiss Label for organic culture BIOSUISSE. It was a huge amount of work to accomplish such thing and keeping an economic and scientific interest. It was accomplished by the new Gardener chief Nicolas Freyre and the garden Director Pierre-André Loizeau. Geneva has the first public garden that respects the Swiss label conditions.

plantes et spiritualité dans le monde
plantes et spiritualité geneva

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The modern world makes us sometimes forget that we are connected to nature as part of nature. We get lost among all the technology and the global scale in which we live. Nevertheless, ancient rituals, from religion to philosophies and traditions remind us our place in this world and help us to reconnect with something greater than our own existences. To accomplish such rituals we need often to use plants that will help us to connect to an immaterial world. All types of usages and traditions are displayed. From catholicism to shamanism, it is a true initiation to a spiritual world, a trip that will take us in all parts of the world. From the Ayahuasca in Latin America to the IBoga in Africa, some plants are very powerful and only initiated people can handle them carefully.

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geneva Botanical garden exhibition   exhibition botanical garden genf Jardin Botanique de la ville de Genève
Plantes et Spiritualité

May 13th to October 18th 2015
Rue de Lausanne

if you are passing by Geneva, this exhibition is well worth it, especially during hot summer days where the refreshing shadows of the Botanic garden are a true delight.
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