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Switzerland gathers an amazing passion for art. Some people like Virginie Bridy will share her passion by creating spaces, galleries, to show art to the public. That is how Art Shop Lausanne is born. This month you will be able to discover an amazing artist, father of many art trends: Victor Vasarely. First time in French speaking Swizerland.

ArtShop, bringing art to the public


Opened a few month ago, ArtShop is a beautiful place in the center of Lausanne. Virginie Bridy is an artist and a creator. She opened ArtShop as a friendly place where people can discover amazing artists, most of them for the first time in Switzerland. Ms Bridy explained the concept of ArtShop. It is a place where you can find regularly new installations in a very modular space, that can be adapted depending on the nature of the artist and the displayed artwork. She is completely passionate about arts and she dares to make choices that potentially many people would not dare. Here is a quote she told me from Jean Cocteau that illustrates a lot the flame of passion that animates her.

Le tout dans l’audace, c’est de savoir jusqu’où on peut aller trop loin.

The aim is to create a friendly place where you can discover art, buy art and even get a tasty coffee. Simplicity and attachment to details reigns at ArtShop. Artists will feel at easy to exhibit their precious artworks and the public, art aficionados or just passing by chance in front of the gallery will feel invited to enter. Is this not the first mission of the artist? To invite people to discover an universe that can be unique and original as well as the reflexion of people’s universe seen through the lens of the creator? Yes it is. ArtShop in Lausanne is more than a gallery, it is the expression of the defining philosophy behind arts.

Behind ArtShop, there is the ArtShop Artist Team. Several themes and artwork will be provided by them and between two installations. You can find here below the incoming agenda of the gallery. It is a very dynamic rhythm of installations with amazing artists. Names like Daniel Gastaud and Birdy Kids will be available during certain moments until this summer. You can click on the image below to amplify it.
Currently you will be able to discover a vintage visual art exhibition on the name of Victor Vasarely. One opportunity in a kink to discover or rediscover some of the artist master pieces, made available thanks to the generosity of Editions du Griffon.

Victor Vasarely, an artist who truly modernized art.

In Art, there are names that will immediately connect you with specific universes. The name of Victor Vasareli is one of them. He was at the beginning of the 20th century the artist who brought cubism and neo-impressionism to a level further: optical art. Most of his artwork is worldwide known. There are some paintings that you already saw once, either in a movie, an advertising, an art exhibition or even in fashion.
Victor Vasarely was born in Hungary and moved to Paris in the 30’s. The following 20 years, Vasarely will explore several techniques, from Cubism, neo-impressionism, futuristic and expressionistic. All these explorations will lead him to establish his own style. It will be the foundation of optic art and kinetic art. Year after year, Vasarely will develop his art and his style and be at the start of a modern philosophy of art. He will break all rules and will redefine the role of being an artist.
 One interesting aspect of his work was that you could order an artwork from him and choose the size of it. This was truly a scandal for an artist that would produce almost industrially speaking his work. Vasarely had a real modern vision of his status and work. If you want to enjoy the privilege to see by yourself part of this amazing work, you definitely need to visit ArtShop until end of March.
ArtShop Lausanne
Rue du Flon 8
1003 Lausanne 
When art and passion meet, only great things can come from it. ArtShop is definitely a place that counts in Lausanne.
Info sourced at ArtShop Vernissage for Vasarely, Fondation Vasarely, Editions du Griffon. Photo sourced at Thank you to Pia de Chefdebien-Schreve for the information. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.